I'm probrably about to get kicked out

Well these last couple of weeks have been hell in my house. I lost my job, and it seems to my mom like I don’t even want to try anymore. Today I had to go to the social services office I waited in there for 4 hours before deciding to leave, and that was another bad look. I honestly don’t try to be difficult, I really don’t, but for those 4 hours it just felt so loud like everyone was screaming in my ear… like I was purposely being overlooked. I saw sets of people come and go, come and go, and not once did I get called. I felt like it was going to be another 4 before I got called, and I know I couldn’t do that. I know its got to be difficult on my mom, she’s still denies that I even have a mental illness. I really don’t know whats going to happen from this point, I suck at talking about what im experiencing, and i’m always mute when she’s talking to me. I don’t try to be difficult or mute with her, it just seems I can never say the right thing or I cant seem to say anything at all. But I do know that me getting kicked out seems inevitable at this point.

That’s too bad. Those crowded Social Security offices, Dept.Of Rehabilitation offices, etc. are really a pain.And VERY stressful. It’s too bad your mom doesn’t understand. 4 hours is a lonnnnnggg time for ANYONE to sit in one of those places.You would think your mom would understand that and appreciate your effort. She’s probably a nice lady but sometimes even nice people don’t understand. Can you make an appointment next time so you can be seen right away? I hate those places.I could just imagine how it could be hell if you’re hearing screaming. TELL your mom you’re trying. Write her a letter detailing your problems if that would help you. When I go to the Social Security office by myself, I try to get there before it opens. There’s usually already four or five people standing in line, waiting to get in before me but it sure doesn’t take 4 hours. I’ve been in there when it is packed. I know what that’s like. Fortunately I only have to go two or three times a year. Good luck.


When I came back home I didn’t have anything, not even an id, so everything has been taking extra long for me.

hoping you the best,in everything

Has your mom told you that she is going to kick you out? I’m sorry that you are going through a tough time. My son smokes a lot of cigarettes so when we are in places he usually goes in and out a lot to smoke. 4 hours is a long time to wait. Try to have some patience with yourself. Things may not be as bad as they seem.

I was going to say try writing a letter to your family so you can take the time and find the words. But Nick already gave you that advice.

I have found that sometimes my parents would just get to the end of their rope frustrated with me… but after some sleep, and some time to cool off for all of us… it ended up Ok.

Please don’t take any heat of the moment stuff as the final out come. I’ve found that everyone gets tired and says/ does stuff they regret and had no intention of doing. Venting…

Please be patient with your family.