Housing wait

hi, so my friend sweep has been offered a stunning apartment that is top spec in every way and i am still waiting, i am happy for her but at the same time i just wish they would hurry up and get me a house, the place i live in just now is ok but its not mines so i can’t do much to the place which seriously annoys me, i am hoping to get a place around the corner bc that would be ideal, it has been really bothering me tbh all of the waiting and it seems like i might need to wait at least another six months :frowning: and i don’t think i can wait that long

Time flies. It feels like forever, but 6 months will pass quickly.


the last year has flown in but i think it feels longer now that i am thinking about it more

Try not to think about it. Think about Halloween and x-mas and New Year’s. When that is completed it’s just 3 months left. :slight_smile:

Six months is nothing really. I was at the top of the waiting list for 2 years before I moved into where I am now. Hopefully you will get exactly what you want and will be worth the wait.

Six months is also a good time limit for saving money for the move and getting things you might need for the new place. So gives you a nice little project in the meanwhile.

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its just depressing thinking about it, i just wish they could just hurry up bc i hate waiting around and i can’t stop thinking about it really, i obsess about things sometimes and this is one of the main things i obsess about, i keep thinking the housing people are keeping things from me and i have been getting into trouble going in to their housing office all the time they said i can’t go in every week even tho i want to

As was said a few holidays to get through which should keep your mind busy. Start looking at Xmas presents and will give you a project to do and keep your mind occupied. An Xmas card project as well. http://www.xmasclock.com/