What's a good book you've read?

When my mind settles down I like to read. Looking for suggestions. I quite like good old Harry Potter :slight_smile: what do you like to read?

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I love the ‘Clan of the Cavebear’ books. I’ve read the first three at least 5 times, in 3 different languages to make sure I caught all the nuances.

I can get lost in those books for hours and just not notice anything around me when I read them.

‘Hitchikers guide to the galaxy’ is also quite good, but I can’t really keep focus when I read it because of all the weirdness and footnotes

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Wow I just checked it out on the net and it looks really good! Thanks for your suggestion. Amazing that you can read in different languages that’s so cool.

I think weirdness and footnotes would not have me focusing aswell

Cool! :smiley:
And thanks. Tbh two of the languages are really similar (one is more or less based on the other), but the book uses some complicated words that I only understand in one of the languages at at time, so I felt like in order to make sure I had the right idea, I should read them in all three

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I absolutely love reading. I would like to be an author so I like to read a variety of authors and genres age groups to see how they write etc

I find it hard to understand adult fiction but if it’s got a good storyline then I try my hardest

I find reading is a great way to relax and unwind from the world.

And the way those books are written, it’s like you can smell the plants and feel the wind of the tundra. I love that.

Another book that had that effect on me was ‘Neverending story’

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I didnt even know that was a book. I’m definitely going to check that one out. I know its children fiction but warriors by Erin hunter is a good series. It’s about how cats live. The series is massive. I havent read all of them yet. I do feel the same it helps me escape from my troubles getting engaged in a book

There’s a small passage in the book where it mentions that the boy reading the book in the story has to take a break because he needs to pee, and that’s when I realised I’d been reading for 2-3 hours and really needed a bathroom break :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha classic! I can read that long nonstop and need to pee but have to finish the chapter which seems at the time exceptionally long but wait anyway

I love Harry Potter also, as well as Lord of the Rings. However, as i’ve gotten older, i find myself reading less and less fiction, and focusing on stuff that is science based. So i’ve read a few books on the brain, evolution, economics, etc. Stuff i think most people would probably find boring.


I enjoy cozy mystery novels.

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Any specific ones? I dont think I’ve ever read mystery but I do like that sort of thing

One of the last books I ever read and now have in audio book is “Icy Sparks” by Gwyn Rubio

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Witches of Midwest, and psychic mystery and other witch mystery with humor and romance

“The dark is rising” series… One of my favorites, “brave new world”. “the Giver”, " The Host" (the last one could be triggering)

The only book that has ever blown me away.

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Lord of the rings is a must read if u like fantasy.

I like reading books on nutrition.
When I can.
I’m trying to read wheat belly.