What would you do if you won the lottery?

What would you buy? Which charities would you donate to? What family would you help out?

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First I’d buy and furnish a house. Then I’d bank it all and consider myself retired early. Then I’d spend my time doing cool volunteer jobs and driving to them in a sweet new car. I would share with family members but they are all pretty successful and wouldn’t need it like I do. Still, if they ever asked I’d oblige.

I wouldn’t give to charities. I know it sounds selfish, but celebrities donate in amounts that make ours look like pennies. Let them donate, they are the ones in the position to do so.

I’d move into a middle class neighborhood that’s safer than mine. I’d put money aside for the kids. I’d help others via charities

Hookers and cocaine


Sounds about right.

-Compassion International
-Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation
-Life Change Ministries International

My Kids
-Gymnastics and Gym Memberships

My Family
-A House
-An RV/Beach House/Cabin

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I like the house I live in but I would buy a beach house in San Diego and a condo on the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama or Florida to spend parts of the year in and vacation.

I would have to buy a big garage. I would have a lot of cars and motorcycles.

I would also buy an airplane or two and a helicopter and hire a pilot so I could legally fly them anytime I wanted to.

I would pay off my debts and then dump the rest into bitcoin as a retirement fund, while I rely on my business for day to day income.

The condo must have a lazy river. I love those things.

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Buy an RV and go into hiding from my wife’s skeevy relatives who aren’t getting a penny. Would donate to Salvation Army, but no one else.

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Spend maybe 50K of it then save the rest.


I would donate money to a couple of individuals. I also would like to donate to “Doctors without Borders”. I also like Amnesty International, UNHCR, and maybe a couple of other charities. I would also give my brother, sister, niece, and nephews some help if they needed it. I would keep enough to buy a comfortable, but modest, house, and a single person camper. Then I would hit the road and do some travelling. I’d like to see New England. It’s where Robert Frost lived. I’d also like to see the giant redwood trees, and the Grand Canyon again.

Depends on how much I won, but most likely become a full time hermit and retire

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Run as fast as I could

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I would pay off all our debt. Buy a moderate size house, my partner a car pay for her college if she chose to go. Then adopt all kinds of reptiles and amphibians. Especially frogs.

Give both my and Kay’s families money to keep them at least happy.

Charities: one for sz research, another cancer research, st judes. Aspca. And reptile and amphibian conservation

In that order?..…….

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I’d buy a 100 million lottery tickets.

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It’s been ages since I bought a lottery ticket. Honestly I’d join the little house movement then buy a plot of land in the country to put it on. As far as charities go I’d donate to the Save the Unicorn Foundation and Help the Rich get Richer Group 501©3.

But seriously I don’t know. I’m quite content with my little studio apartment. :grinning:

@77nick77 your onto something. I can speak from experience as I collected $15 in the lotto last night. Just put on another for thursday night and have some change in my account. As someone who’se only put money in over the years and never won enough to take out it really is a mugs game!

Still. Gotta be in it to win it.

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Lol. I wouldn’t want to be the clerk who has to check you out. But on second thought you could hire some folks to do it for you to distribute the load. Ding Thank you for playing.

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