What would you do if you won $900,000,000?

Tonight is the Powerball drawing. The jackpot is up to $900,000,000 and may even top $1 billion. In the 20+ years our state has had the lottery, I’ve never played it. I’m really not that much into physical things. So I bought 5 tickets for $10. Yes, I know I should have just burned the $10, but you never know.

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do would be to give my family and friends a big chunk of the money; probably in trusts so they wouldn’t blow it. Then I would give money to my favorite charities such as our local animal shelter and to the mental health clinic I go to.

Lastly, I would buy a nice house by the ocean; probably in California. I would have my brother and his family and my parents all live next to each other. It wouldn’t have to be extravagant, just a safe peaceful place to live.

Anyway, it’s fun to dream of. I’ll have fun watching the numbers come in. If anyone is playing, good luck!

What would you do if you won?

What would I do? I’d move! Invest. Save.


I would give a lot of it away. There are a couple of charities I like - Doctors without Borders and Amnesty International. I would make myself comfortable and secure, but I would avoid any excess. I would be comfortable, but not rich.


:smile_cat: my roommate and I have spent the last day talking about this! We have a list of people getting $30 million each and a list of people getting living expenses trust funds. We’d sponsor @sarad to live and study in the US. A home in Detroit. A home in Newfoundland. A trip to Iceland. Upgrades on our house here. I would still go to school. A black cat sanctuary :smile_cat: Funds for ovarian cancer and sz and depression research. We’d pay off water bills and delinquent taxes for people in Detroit.


That is one crazy sized jackpot. Here in the UK there is a big fuss over tonight’s jackpot being around £58 million. Most for euromillions has been around £160 million. One good thing about UK though is you don’t pay tax on winnings. I’m playing lottery tonight, wish me luck and good luck to you :smiley:


Hi are you that chick from the cover of Maxim? My limo’s going by your neighborhood and I’d like to take you somewhere special. I’m that guy who won the lottery.

Travel the World and set my family up for life. Even then, that would only take a small percentage of that total. May end up giving some to charity and medical research for mental illnesses and cancer.

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I would buy a new brain & then I’d go to Spain & find Fernando (an old love)

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I would save, and invest and buy certain expensive things.

I dont think that money would make so happy - to be honest.


Is Detroit still having some problems or are things getting better?

Move. Definitely move and travel a lot more.

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It is crazy. I went to 7-11 (convenience store) last night at 10 pm and there were 20 people in line; not buying beer, but lottery tickets. I bet if I went by today, there would be a line out the door.

I would pay for more school, and then keep enough to live well but modestly, and then fund the ever living ■■■■ out of schizophrenia research. I would actually do the research in conjunction with others or just do it myself. Like I would get a Psy D or PhD in clinical psych and then collaborate with neuroscientists like one of my friends to look at new meds and therapies like antisense mRNA therapy.

I would just do my own research on stigma and recovery and then be involved with any donations in research I would give- and I would have the education to be involved.

I would definitely fund a public calisthenics park wherever I would be. Even bring some weights in maybe like Venice beach. Just Dumbbells, no barbells. I dislike barbells.


Both! It’s looking up, but there’s still a long way to go.

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I would pay off family and friends debts and set them up with houses and a monthly allowance.

And I would just go to sleep for a while :blush:

I would invest in nothing. 900 million Is plenty lol :slight_smile:


If I won I would open several homes of beautiful facilities with great help. I have been taking care of my mother for about 20 years, and it has take a toll on my relationships and myself. My siblings are all married , so it is easier for me to take care of her. As the years go by they have less shared responsible time, becomes they do not want her affecting their family units. That leaves me… just exhausted…because you never know what is next. Hard to start my life and think of sharing it with someone because you are afraid they will run out the door. And who do I really want anyone who does not have to … go through everything I have gone through, or my family, My mother is on meds, since her 30’s she is 74, and her tolerance is getting worse. I would love to have a place that is affordable that will open their doors to this type of patient, and they have a safe place to go and, relieve some of my burden. The guilt is endless, because I have a good life , and have traveled well, but my mother was cheated out of life in many ways, and I hate that , I try to take her to many places, but it is exhausting and in the meantime my life is passing before me, I and now 51, I have been married and had two long term relationships, but this disease takes a toll if you do not understand. Any how a safe place and increase the amount of excellent doctors for all people ,not just the wealthy. I do understand no matter what your financial status in life , this disease is a very difficult one on the family and the patient.


Give half to charit them go into random towns find all the honeless I can and buy them a meal and actually sit and chat with them about like their story. I’ve always wanted to do this but never have the money


keep 5 million…give the rest away to charity :hospital:
take care :alien:


i’d probably panic tbh lol

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I always wanted to see Detroit. Because it is the hometown of Eminem.
And now I have a plenty other reasons as well. :slight_smile: