What would you do if a stranger gave you a rose?


Would you be flattered?

Or would you find it creepy?

  • Monte :v:


I’d probably instinctual say, “No thanks,” and walk away :joy:



I’m not sure what I would do if a stranger gave me a rose.


Depends on how sane I am that day.

Could be anything from “No thank you” to banging in their car,

I’m very inconsistent.


I’ve had strangers give me roses on a few occasions. It was really nice, it cheered me up.


I would like to give a cyber :rose: to the entire forum. :blush: :v:


Run away. :slight_smile:


I would find it incredibly creepy.


Probably say no thanks and be really confused.


I would immediately get suspicious then paranoid!


I will accept it if its valentines day, but if it’s not then I guess I will runaway.


I once was in Paris and bought a pretty French girl a single red rose. She immediately popped it in her mouth and ate it!! She said she liked to eat flowers. I was devastated, for some reason. I thought she missed the message I was trying to relay to her. (The message that I was attracted to her). I was just passing through is all anyway.


If a creepy looking person gave me a rose, I would find it creepy. But, if a good looking person gave me a rose, I would find it flattering. I guess I’m sorta shallow.


I’d take the rose, say thank you, then move on with my day. I wouldn’t be creeped out unless the person giving the rose tried to strike up conversation or started following me. I wouldn’t be inclined to get to know someone better because they gave me a rose, if that’s what you’re wondering.


Oh I wasn’t wondering anything or have any motive behind my question @Rhubot. Haha!

A little backstory to this thread:

I was at the grocery store yesterday and I saw the most beautiful European lady. We were checking out at the same time, and in the checkout aisle were some roses of different colors.

It wasn’t until I got home that I wondered what she would’ve thought if I bought them, and gave her one.

I concluded she probably would’ve been a little weirded out by such a gesture.

So then I made this thread for fun! :upside_down_face: :v:


Yeah, that sounded more accusatory than I meant it to! I just wanted to say that if you were thinking of doing this as an icebreaker, for a lot of people, it wouldn’t work. But if you just wanted to engage in a random act of kindness, there are some people that would be pleased by it.


Also, my partner says she would assume it was poisoned :scream_cat: That would never cross my mind :joy_cat: But I thought I should pass that along!

Maybe a less expensive/symbolically loaded flower? A small sunflower or a gerbera daisy? Bright and happy and not heavy with significance.


Oh my!

Yes in today’s world…it’s probably best to just smile and say ‘Hi.’ (If the other person smiles first and gives off that signal that is).

And no worries @Rhubot. I didn’t take your previous post as being accusatory. :blush: :v:


I would happily accept it and think of it as a wonderful gift from the universe which always knows when I need a little love. I’m kind of a freak about these kinds of things. I probably should be suspicious and frightened.


I’m the same as you, @leaf.

My partner is a big city girl, while I’m from the Midwest. We were just laughing about how I made eye contact and smiled at a stranger in the airport when I went to visit her once, and she was absolutely horrified. “What are you doing?! We don’t do that!” Where I’m from, it’s just polite. Where she’s from, it’s distinctly odd behavior.