Do you like flowers

Given to you on first date???

  • No it’s too serious
  • Yeah… I would like that it’s fun

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I might not go with a full bouquet of red roses, but a couple might keep it light enough.

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Wow a hundred percent so far.

Guys don’t forget flowers lol

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I got this flower!


This flower smells too good… lol

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A guy brought me flowers on a first date once. I thought it was adorable.


Oh darn, my date didn’t show up. I went to her village and called and texted her all.

Oh well

I left the flowers I bought for her on the door step. I wrote on my name.

I hope I’m not too much. Hope she texts me again though



Unless she has a good excuse for not showing up, I wouldn’t pursue it further. IT’s not looking good. If she made a date and did not show, it’s likely that she has no interest in you and may even be messing with you.

She could have a valid excuse though, IDK.

If I were you I would look for at least any apology or explanation before trying to advance in this way.


@Abise I agree with @Bowens


I agree with @Bowens too.

Edited: I’m so sorry this happened.


Your right. She shouldn’t have text me in the first place if she’s not interested. There are a lot of women who just don’t text if she doesn’t want to hang.

But at least I tried and got to talk to her more

Sorry @Abise . I wish it would have worked out for you.

It is okay @SpringRose.

It’s a bummer, but there are worst things that could happen.

She uses opioids, so I got a box of nasal Naloxone.

It’s alright. I am not overwhelmed.

If anything, I saved some money.

I was gonna get a luxury Uber to go-to Olive Garden and shopping lol

She’s the one missing out


So she called back, she said she’s sorry she just got up.

I was going back home, but I’m going back to her place now.

She suggested we can do it tomorrow, but I might work tomorrow, so I prefer today.

I’m gonna wait for her near her place maximum 2 hours or till she calls.

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I could be a sucker :no_mouth:

it sounds like you might be ok. if she gave you a valid reason, I would give it another shot. If she doesnt show again, then you’ll most likely know


I’m going home now lol

She said let’s try again tomorrow.

I don’t have work scheduled Tomorrow yet so it’s okay.

She said she loved the flower. So at least she knows my interest I suppose.


I adore flowers…never gave any on a date except for graduation date.

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Yeah… there awesome.

I just remember not giving my prom date a wrist corsage and she was deeply disappointed and sad to a point to crying.

I felt terrible

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