I was given a gift

The other day I was given a gift by my x boyfriends friends girlfriend.

We have never really socialised or “hung out”.

We have had a few chats when they have visited my x now friend I hope.

Does this mean that she likes me and sees me as a friend?

She gave me feather earrings and I love feathers and my favourite colour.
They are cheap but I love them and wear them as much as I can because I may be allergic to some metals…

I also got a choker necklace and a gorgeous bracelet ring thing I love the design it’s a fake ruby but I don’t mind it’s such a cool design and I’m so happy for my gifts .

We have never hung out though but I’m glad I got gifts from her and she even wrapped them.

Maybe that means we are friends in spirit even though we don’t hang out.

I’m socially awkward and at a dinner I was mute and this guy was raving on about how ugly small tits are and I’m obviously flat chested and stood up and said angrily “I’m ready to go now”.
She was at that dinner.

So maybe she likes me.:open_mouth:


I’m moving interstate soon.

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Sounds pretty positive to me and good on you for standing up against that dh. Just take it as it comes…but she gave you a gift which is cool!


All the best for your move interstate @SacredNeigh7.


:slightly_smiling_face:Thank you!


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