What would happen if you drink antypsichotics and you werent sick?

what would happen if you drink antypsichotics and you werent sick ?

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They would probably make you sleepy and depressed.


Yes, I’m wondering about it as well!

I don’t think, I’m ill. I’m pretty sure I’m ok!!!

So I’m worrying about taking antipsychotics!

Yes ninja is right…

@mongolina you are definitely sick. Read your old posts.

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But I can’t accept itttttt !!! No matter what!

U guys spooky and mongolina are from same country…right…

Acceptance comes with time. You don’t have insight right now, and that’s normal. Give your medicine more time to work, and you will start to see.

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Yep and we are friends as well


Aren’t u doing any portrait these days. …

What you said it might be true

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It’s a tough decision I need to make. About taking or not taking antipsychotics

Anyway, sup people?

Does this article say that if you don’t have any psychosis / schizophrenia and take antipsychotics, you will get literally insane?

It’s a question, sorry, can’t be asked to read the article properly, I’ve just scanned it

No, just the side effects.

I don’t think I have side effects of the medicine. Either it’s symptoms of “schizophrenia” (assuming I have it) or side effects of the medicine.

Side effects or symptoms of schizophrenia?: lack of motivation and energy, sleeping disorder etc.

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[quote=“kilian, post:20, topic:75692, full:true”]
Your heart will palpetate so fast your heartbeat ryhtm gets out of sincronization and you begin to have a minor heart murmur and your valves begin to tear and your brain chemicals amino acids turn acidic and eat microscopic holes into your brain like Jakob disease and you enter a permanent phycosis with brain neurons beginning to fail and grey matter errods due to your constant phsycotic breaks and within 2-3 years down the road you become brain dead and go into a coma That may last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years, if you survive you’ll still be brain dead. So please do not take antipsychotics if your not schizophrenic or similar diagnosis

FYI: don’t take me cereally or with a grain of of rice
[/quote]For heaven sake! It’s really serious! Do you mind asking you, where did you read all this information?

@SailorTheFox59 hought he was being funny. None of those things will happen to someone who takes antipsychotics when they are not sick. The only thing that will happen is you’ll experience side effects.

a healthy friend of mine took one of my pills once. he said it kills his motivation and he fallen asleep. wow

I remember in the uk some over the counter meds got withdrawn because someone got seroquel XR in theirs. I think it got traced to someone intentionally going into a chemist and physically swapping the meds on the shelf (a member of public).

But it made the national news. I think doctors just told effected people to expect drowsiness.

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