Non- schizophrenics taking antipsychotics

What do you guys think if a person Who did not have schizophrenia started taking antipsychotics would experience? Would they experience the Side effects such as lack of motivation, lack of energy and so on. Or would a non-schizophrenic taking an antipsychotic make them experience psychosis? I’ve heard multiple things about it. I’ve heard that it would just make them extremely tired and feel like crap and I’ve also heard that it can trigger them to have schizophrenia symptoms. Does anyone know anything about this?


Antipsychotics are used in the treatment of bipolar disorder, not to mention a few others.
They aren’t exclusively for us.
A lot of these people can’t function without them.

My wife took Seroquel for sleep and didn’t have any side effects but weight gain so now she takes Ambien.

But if you are well and don’t need it I wouldn’t recommend taking it for no reason. These are powerful drugs.

Only those with a predisposition to schizophrenia will devolp it. A normal person taking anti psychotics won’t go psychotic…only those with psychotic tendencies will.

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I take haldol it’s considered a tranquilizer I think that kind says it all.

You schizophrenic at all?

The bigger issue, for me, is the growing trend of physicians prescribing medications “off-label.” Off-label means that a doctor is prescribing a medication for an illness that it has not been FDA-approved for. I cross-referenced research, and I found that about 20% of all prescription medications are prescribed off-label, and about 31% of prescription psychiatric medications are prescribed off-label.

Advocates of off-label prescribing cite “significant scientific research” as a reason for doing so, but if you take a closer look you’ll find that almost all of the “significant scientific research” is based on studies conducted by physicians who are on the boards of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the medications in question. In short, the pharmaceutical companies have found an end-around for obtaining FDA approval with the sole intention of increasing profits. They have no concern about patient safety, and I’ll provide one example to that effect: Children with ADHD are being prescribed atypical antipsychotics even though atypical antipsychotics are NOT FDA-approved for use in children. Furthermore, the physician has no obligation to inform the patient (or parent) that they are prescribing a medication off-label, and the physician has no legal or ethical obligation to obtain a patient’s written consent when prescribing a medication off-label.

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@Manonmoon Yes I am. I’ve had it for about 6 years now. Why?

Was just curious.

I don’t have full blown schizophrenia and I take these things too.
If I don’t take them I will eventually become psychotic so I might as well have sz.
It’s not you, the meds are atrocious, I doubt a “normal” person would be able to function very well on them either or put up with the side effects for very long. To put it bluntly, you’re probably not as ■■■■■■ up as you think you are but until they find better meds you don’t want to stop taking these things.

At some point I believe the soviets were using antipsychotics on healthy POWs as a form of torture :unamused: I quoted the passage about it once on here somewhere.

Most of what I’ve heard of people accidentally taking their loved ones antipsychotic or just curiously testing it ends with them like knocked out or feeling like absolute crap and having no idea how the person tolerates the med everyday.

Frank not cozy question …!!!
they would feel sedated and numb …!!!

I have Delusional Disorder and take an antipsychotic and mood stabilizer for my symptoms. I overdosed on my meds during a psychotic episode one time and lost all motor function. I flopped like a fish on the floor for like 12 hours (no BS) in my own pee before I was able to crawl up onto my bed. It was hours more before I could walk. I banged my head several times and really damaged myself pretty good. A bunch of AP’s would certainly be a way to torture someone. It won’t kill you (as I thought) but it will definitely F you up big time. That was a terrible experience.
I am pretty sure AP’s wouldn’t give a healthy person psychosis. They would simply experience all the side effects.

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I think they would be sedated and sleep for a very long time.

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I lived in a group home with a couple of 18 year old blondes who were coincidentally good friends before they got in and they were both bulimic. One of them found a single tablet of prolixen on the carpet that someone must have dropped without noticing. Being 18, she swallowed it.

Later that night we had our weekly group and she started craning her head towards the ceiling and saying, " I can’t look down, I can’t look down". For some reason, she could not control her head from looking up and then she slid off the couch onto the floor.

A counselor ended up taking her to the psyche ward. I don’t know if her reaction was a physical one or a psychological one or a combination of both.

Incidentally, I was living in the smallest studio apartment you would ever see by myself in the late eighties. I was working and I had friends but often it was just me sitting in there bored, and alone killing time. I was on prolixen at the time and it gave me akathesia and my mind was restless. So i tried to sleep just to relax but I was too wired and antsy. So I figured, “Well, prolixen is a tranquilizer”, so I figured I could use it as a sleeping pill.

I had a bunch of tablets so I took a couple more 5 mg. pills and tried to sleep. Well I figured wrong. Not only could I not sleep but they gave my brain a horrible, grating feeling. A sick, weak feeling. I tried it two more times in the next month with the same results. I don’t recommend it.

If this was in the eighties then They would have been the old psychotropics…if non pre disposed people take olanzipine or halo…or quitipine if they have no mental illness in there DNA they would just fell numb and sleepy …

I was better off On Zyprexa rather then Seroquel…!!

Yeah but Was just answering he’s question.

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Yes i know Sorry my good friend …!!! U are nice…!! Keep it up…!!!