What would be the reason why the CIA would want someone crazy?

Im trying to reason my way out of this belief but i cant shake it off. I think they want me crazy and not improve because they want to cover up a nasty secret about their agents or they want to punish me for being too unwell to join one of their informant networks which i reject.

I have a history of ideas of reference but every time i make improvements weird stuff happens.

What are ways to counteract this belief? I go on here for support but unfortunately two online stalkers seemed to maliciously post psychogical profile details which triggered my ideas of reference again over the past weeks.

I think you need to get your meds right. If I was having those symptoms I would definitely tell my pdoc and therapist so they could make changes to my meds. A stronger or different ap is needed I would say.

Hmmm… i dont think that i am crazy. My symptoms dont just suddenly grow worse after improving. Everything was gradual for me and improving until two jerks online were posting stuff online. I dunno about this recovery pattern bc it is unusual this time.

If the internet is triggering you I would avoid it.

I quit watching the news and going to news websites because of that.

But then junk mail triggered me too but I couldn’t quit checking the mail. Had to pay my bills. Eventually it went away.

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Thanks tomcat that is reassuring.

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The CIA and FBI do not hire people who have a mental illness. Sorry but you are totally delusional please tell your pdoc.

Thats what i like to think. That the CIA doesnt hire such people. Although there are other theories.