Do informant stalker networks exist?

Do freemasons or intelligence control them? Sometimes the radio or hacked stuff mention 33 or 13. I am not sure what it means but by inference 33 seems systematic intelligence with christian stuff or 13 means opposing enemy numerics. Im not sure actually.

Why don’t you give you pdoc a call, it seems like you need to change you meds.

I guess i will think about it. I am convinced that there is a cover up though.

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I know but I promise you there isn’t, you need to talk to your pdoc.

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Oh dear… and perpetually stay dependent on more meds although i was improving just fine 3 weeks ago. Very strange turn of events. To improve more than ever and sudden plummet like that.

Did you go off meds?

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Nope. I was on the normal dose. When i was improving quite well with a return of impersonal reality offsetting the ideas of reference things seemed to get worse suddenly. Very weird.

Anyway thanks leaf for your consideration.

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You’re welcome, I don’t know why you got worse. Are you under any stress right now?

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Things got weird when i was watching a religious lecture about returning to the original godlike mind and i stupidly theorized on front of my nasty roommate that maybe the lecture could psychoanalytically help me. Since then he has been nasty with asking me stupid questions about how my illness developed or whether my sexuality had anything to do with my paranoia. That caused stress for me over the weeks. Like i said, i dont think im crazy.

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I guess i have to just avoid this guy because he tries to trigger me. I thought he stalked me online in this forum just to spite me because he is an ■■■■■■■ with personality issues.

Its too bad actually. I like this forum bc i find it supportive but i dont like it spoiled by this jackass. I still come here bc i dont want his presence deterring me to enjoy reading the posts. I just dont click on his posts.

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