Very weird... how to offset this problem

Recently ive been watching a video with a friend but there was a central idea in it that appealed to me. Exactly a day later someone here on this forum was posting something about that topic exactly and it made me feel like that person was plotting to sabotage my plans.

Im getting tired of the recurrent theme of someone studying me to gaslight me or maliciously anticipate what i want or fear to offset my improvements.

For the past 10 years ive been under the notion that someone profiles my life and reports to newspapers or church sermons… or other propagandic outlets. Im thinking my suffering is well past its deserved duration. 10 years! Ive never committed a crime or engaged in political activities for Cia disruption or gaslighting. Petty theft is 2 to 3 years in prison. Murder is 10 to lifetime. I havent done anything.

Its time for it to stop but hasnt.

Have i overreacted to a mere coincidence?

I dunno how to pull out the root of this problem. I thought the Cia was punishing me for not working for them but i dont have the talent or skill for it.

I think so. Coincidences can mess us up.

I’m sorry you’re suffering.

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Im thinking it is a coincidence… i dunno i get a few glitches in coincidence every now and then.

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Coincidences cause problems for schizophrenics. That’s for sure.

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Yeah… coincidences are troubling. I just dont get why i feel like im brainwashed by some abusers that i should tolerate such a crappy life standard. How am i gonna get married and have kids? A decent job? A proper social life?

When the ideas of reference started my university education was wasted. Now im disabled. I cant sue for 10 million dollars compensation for losing “my private inner mind” and being disabled.

So tired of thinking im in an experiment. So fed up.


I’m sorry you’re having problems, I hope things get easier for you

Thanks twialine, thats really nice of you for taking the time to read this post.

No problem, I try and have great hope for everyone here

Thats very encouraging. Nice to know youre helping ppl.

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