What will schizophrenia look like when Iti-007 comes out?

I thought it was hype but I read about the medicine and it’s already at the half way point in its third phase. I’m so excited about this medication it’s unreal. I wish I could take it today. I already take Latuda which has few side effects but it would be really nice if I didn’t have to worry about akathisia.

I think it’s still way too early to conjecture. I have a hard time believing this will be a panacea. I’m sure there will be a fair population who won’t be able to take it for a plethora of reasons. Hope I’m wrong. It would be nice to see it swoop in and wash away the illness.

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I don’t believe the part about no weight gain. Latuda still causes me weight gain even if it is just a little bit. I think the part about it being more effective than clozapine though is amazing. It was created by a Nobel prize winner.

Can you link me where it says its more effective than clozapine please?

If you read everything out there about it it sounds very promising, is well tolerated and with almost no side effects. It doesn’t seem like anybody in the studies was a member here or I’m sure we’d have heard about it more. I’m investing 2500 dollars in the stock.

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If I’m not mistaken the 59 means it’s more effective than clozapine because it hits more dopamine receptors.

It could mean that, Im not 100% on how to read this info lol

It still has action at D2, which means it could cause EPS. Not seeing that reflected in their presentation. I’m not sure if that’s marketing at work, or if there is more to EPS than D2 binding.

Now that I think about it, it’s D2 in the nigrostriatial pathway that causes EPS. I don’t think there’s a way to limit WHERE the D2 is bound to. Who knows.

Yeah this one doesn’t effect the striata like pathway it’s a godsend medication

I’m not buying into the hype, with new meds there is always hype.

I don’t get excited over new meds coming out soon.

Although I am patiently waiting for the CBD Antipsychotics to come out - a little excited about it.


Sounds promising from what I just read. I guess all we can do is hope for the best like with anything.

From the results of the CBD meds i have a feeling it might not come out or it will be for pediatrics.

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I’m having akathisia bad when I take 325mgs. I try to take 225 mgs which is against the dr. But I don’t know what to do. I walk around my house several xs a day to get rid of the restlessness.