Iti-007 A different Antipsychotic

There’s NOTHING NEW in this Post !!
its Just Summarised Version Of Wikipedia article To RAISE HOPE for all who didnt heared about it & Tired from their Current meds to Encourage them to Continue Their Meds Until This One Get Released…

  • at a dose of 60 mg daily :
  • It showed Significant improvement of psychosis Comparable to Risperidone

-reduces negative symptoms
(including improvement in social function)

-alleviating depressive symptoms
(whereas risperidone had no effect)

-produced little or no weight gain

  • did not negatively affect metabolic parameters (i.e., insulin, glucose, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels)

  • did not increase prolactin levels

-did Not Cause akathisia

-did not produce any changes in cardiovascular function
(such as QTc prolongation)

-did not produce a measurable increase heart rate

(may not cause an increase in the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease)

-There was no evidence of extrapyramidal symptoms

-No increase in suicidal ideation or behavior

In Conclusion may prove to be a significant improvement relative to many existing antipsychotic drugs in terms of safety and tolerability

*it’s Now in 2nd Phase 3 Trial That Expected To End in the Second quarter Of 2016 According to the company Website

My only question about the new 007 drug…

Will it leave you shaken, not stirred?

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I was thinking about this …They didnt Say any thing About this in Clincal Trials Results…if it doesnt do it it will be a Real Wonder med…And A turning Point in AP drugs

The actual clinical trials for this drug should be over this month

I hope it get fda Approval as fast as possible we all need this Med

Don’t usually get excited about new meds but this looks like a game changer.

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We need this 007 drug…

Exactly Hahahahahah

I wonder how it will affect the market. If it’s as good as it seems now, nobody is going to want to be on the others anymore.

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Apparently the only side effect from this new drug?

You start liking Show Tunes!


the next big question is, will Medicaid approve it?

Yeah I’m wondering if it’s going to be insanely expensive.

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I’m thinking its possibly very expensive

Actually, the only side effect as far as I know is mild sedation. Plus it probably doesn’t work for bipolar mania, but works for bipolar depression.

I know right now I can only have medication because of Medicaid. Ironically if I were to make enough money to disqualify me from Medicaid, I wouldn’t be able to afford the medication. So gotta stay poor to be able to afford it lmao. Not that my job outlook looks great anyway but still.

It’s a real bummer when you realize that being on Medicaid keeps you in a trap you can’t escape from a vocational, social, and residential perspective when combined with the cost of the drugs and the reservations that the private health insurers are still allowed to have to cover it along with the restrictions of the program. It literally takes the incentive out of working for pay.

yeah I am in that trap too, my in laws have joked about me getting a job but I don’t think they realize if I get a job it would have to be part time and I would lose my ssi and Medicaid. no way part time could I afford the rent my in laws charge. and I couldn’t afford my meds I doubt they want me to be without my meds.

Oh, Bummer, I really hoped that it took care of Mania as well :frowning2:


Me too, such a disappointment for me.