New update for ITI-007


So maybe out in 2 years time?

In the US, probably 5 years in Europe

That sucks big time :anguished:

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Maybe 10 years in Brazil… :disappointed:

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Thanks for that jamesbond. So first half of 2018 for the USA. I think we were all expecting 2017 anyway.

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By 2018 latuda should be off patent. I was expecting the drug to come out earlier.

I no longer get excited by the new arrivals.
Its going to work for some people and it wont work out for others, just like any other AP.
I thought that it was coming out in 2016/17 sometime.
New side effects will pop up Im sure - there is no such thing as a 100 percent safe psych med.


Why are ppl so excited for this anyway? It only has a minor effect on negative symptoms. A drug that treats negative symptoms is exciting not just another antipsychotic which does the same stuff. Why all the hype? Is it because it has a mysterious name?

The only listed side effect so far is mild sedation. I think that’s what the hype is about, and sure, a few months ago we all thought it would help negative symptoms. I’m just glad it works for sza.

But we already have relatively safe weight neutral antipsychotics like latuda, rexulti, vraylar for example. Why is everyone so excited about another antipsychotic.

Im on seroquel xr and I have minimal side effects with the exception of a little weight gain. Maybe im just lucky and- have been blessed with body chemistry to not get strong side effects from antipsychotics.

Bottom line iti007 is an antipsychotic which does the same thing as other antipsychotics–nothing new here.

And its probably going to be really expensive therein lies the rub.

Idk, the hype was bigger before. For now I’m good on Invega Sustenna, don’t need to change I think.

Vraylar and Rexulti haven’t reached Europe yet. Only in the US. Latuda seems like a good med.

Ive got a good feeling about this drug. No weight gain and no movement issues wow, to be loose and relaxed again I would be able to go back to jogging and working out