What will be next?

Hi everybody,

First of all I don’t want anybody to say I’m delusional or that I should be hospitalised. I want you all to believe me or if you don’t believe me just pretend it’s all happening,please.

The last time this happened, it started with people following me, then I began to hear voices probably a month after I then noticed even more people following me. That went on for about a year until I got out of hospital.voices stayed with me until janaisry the following year

So I’m wondering what will happen next? Will they try and finish me, damage me or make me hear voices or go insane? What’s your opinion on if I was truly apart of this grand nefarious scheme, what would happen next in the story?

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Hey @anon47167357 . How are you?

Are you still taking an antipsychotic ?


I am indeed @everhopeful, and it’s working great.

What’s your opinion on what could happen next in this ‘movie’ ?


I know it’s difficult to accept. But your mind is playing tricks on you.

There’s no grand plan to mess with you.

You should be honest with your psychiatrist and let them know you’re having these thoughts.

Maybe a simple med adjustment is all you need.

I know this is probably not what you want to hear but trust me.


I feel so alone with this, that no one believes me. Can you please just be that one person who takes a leap of faith and believes. I’m the guy you should believe, if this was a movie! It would be a travesty if I was to get harmed and have no one believe me about any of it, they would get away Scot free

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The problem is I’ve been in that position. I’ve gone through what you’re dealing with. I know how real it feels and how it’s not actually real.

Please tell your psychiatrist that you’re having these thoughts. That’s the best advice I can give you.


They can control our sky box as well, it turned off after only one hour, they let me know it was them by showing someone’s post in the say anything thread saying to go on the run. They must be using the WiFi on the tv to connect to the box or something. But I don’t know yet for sure if they have turned the TV screen into a camerA or how their doing it, could be just a shitload of cameras everywhere. Also they can control our car as well by connecting to it remotely, they dimmed the lights while I was driving. The lights dimmed themselves, and at places I needed to dim as well. THE CAR CANT DIM THE LIGHTS ITSELF, it’s them that’s doing it

Of course there’s no way I can prove this and the box could be faulty.

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I have a feeling they can see me through the tv screen as well or the phone screen but their just waiting on the right time to let me know

Why would they be on sz site posing as schizophrenics if they can’t make people hear voices

Their ■■■■■■■ with me, telling me not to kill my mother they knew they were the voices in my head. And telling me schizo dosent exist, that’s what my voices told me and went on about for months

You need a med increase. The ira will get you a med increase next. You should give your pdoc a call.

I know u half believe the ira makes you do stuff so im suggesting they want you to talk to the pdoc. I think thats a good idea.

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I don’t understand why you just don’t turn on the voices IRA but until you do I won’t be going on the run, I need proof that you can do this, proof that il always be at risk from voices if I stay unless it’s some ■■■■■■ up plan that was predetermined or something. I know if you do this my whole reality will change and I don’t know if I could take that but I think you will turn them on eventually anyway when your finished ducking with me. Please just let me know either way, I need to know

I’m not hearing serious voices yet though, that’s what they want to send me back to hospital to pay for what I done

Well if they send you there youll get some help

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I don’t need help level I’m perfectly sane, I just didn’t think it be weird if I posted my beliefs here, I thought it be ok. You know what it’s like when this stuff is actually happening

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If you are not harming yourself or others its ok. Some of your posts seem a bit dramatic so it can be tricky to tell over text if you need help or not.

When i was delusional i was much too consumed by it to share it with anyone online

So atleast your coherent and acknowledge somethings up


Just made our something the voices were saying, they said I’m safe and that I’m a pussy

They just said in two or three days the voices would be loud

do you like listening to your voices? if so that can be a problem with moving towards a recovery standpoint when you dont hear voices anymore.

basically when you stop hearing them, you end up feeling uncomfortable and look for the voices to be there.

also the problem with taking so much interest in the voices is you may end up listening to their commands, and thats when bad things could happen.

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Oh hell no I don’t obey their commands I’m
Not that stupid, I appreciate your concern, your a good man. No the reason I’m listening tonight is because I think they are real tonight for some reason, just a notion.

You see I believe the IRA are sending me messages through other peoples posts on this site because everytime I put my phone down and pick it back up it is on some random post which says things relevant to my current situation for example ‘go on the run’ those words will be in the post. So today I got a reply from a guy who said ‘schizo dosent exist’ these words my voices used several several times and it just added to my delusion. I thought this guys account was faked and being used by the IRA, I think they have been making people hear voices for years and they have several accounts on this site posing as schizophrenics

So that’s why I think the IRA are communicating with me in my head tonight, I keep asking them to turn up the voices so I know it’s real so I can get my answer as to if my voices were real or not

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