Italy’s voice thread

This is my own thread which I’m gonna put the things the voices said to me. I will put them down as I remember them and it will save me from putting them in the say anything thread. Thank you. It will help me be more thankful that I’m only hearing whispers now


If you hear a voice that says “Go shovel the driveway”…It probably isn’t one of your voices.

It’s more likely your Mom not wanting to get snowed-in on the driveway. :wink:


Iv heard my moms voice calling me several times in the sheds. Iv often gone back to the house to see what she wants. Annoying, happens sometimes when I’m taking a dump as well

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The voices from September to January also felt real.

Tricked me by saying what’s wrong Italy not starin at the camera
Anthony saying that’s our mindreader

Two slices of toast
Three slices of soda bread with jam and bread
Slice of cake and two biscuits

@ninjastar @anon9798425 is there a way of making more posts after three posts? I tried it there and it worked but not sure why

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One time i was walking streets psychotic and i was thinking about going to church i was desperate and a voice just came out of the blue and said a serpent lives their freaked me out so i didnt go church big mistake

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The amount of times the voices played games with me it felt like someone was doing it to play a trick on me. That’s why i was so convinced it was real it’s like someone else made it up

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I dont hear voices at moment which im grateful for. But am same as u they played tricks on me, on the fence whether they was real or not i bloody hope not voices never had anything nice to say

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Anthony said:Iv got the curse for you

Four slices of soda bread with butter and jam
Dinner (steak and mash)
Two cookies

The ability to try and trick me by saying what’s wring Italy your not staring at the camera

Ownie said Join your own provos. Anthony said I’m gonna have to ask ya to join the IRA

You’ve made it to the land of the oppresor

Remember the guy in athlone wearing a suit going home to relax for the night

Thats the uk my friend we have a sorded past… ira is no good i was in the army in northern ireland and they hated us… do you still belive the voices was real???

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Sorry for your troubles freind.I was just questioning it myself today I thought I was convinced it wasn’t. But I started reading past texts from My cousin saying he was glad to help. He’s in the IRA. Made me remember they were actually after me. The voices felt so real, everything they said tied into real life. Utterly convinced me. I thought I was over it. I have this thing where I believe the voices I heard AFTER I came out of hospital weren’t real because the medicine stopped them but I believe the voices I heard before were real.

I belive the voices was real too… i dont think the ira have that good technology tbh maybe uk and ireland but not ira they are terroists imo. I didnt hear voices for a while too but what they daid seems so real hard to think it was all in the mind oh well guess we will never know the truth…

Your gonna get clipped son. That’s not to you nohope