What was your med that stopped voices?

I’ve been on invega for a couple of years now, and it works extremely well for me. No voices, a lot less paranoia, but it works differently for different people. I take the oral version, not the shot.

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Invega didn’t take my voices away, but it’s made them much more quiet.
I’ve had therapy to learn to live with the voices, and it has made them less agressive.

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Do you take a pills or depot?

I take a combination of Clozapine and Ziprasidone, and that has done wonders for my voices. I’ve only had a couple of times where the voices have broken through. Otherwise, it has been nice and silent.

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Good combination!Also not available here cause you can take only one ap.

I take pills, 9mg

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Invega 9mg works for me. I still hear voices occasionally but it’s so much better now.

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Thanks @Pikasaur and @melmel7


Haldol stopped my voices for like a year then they came back. There not as bad as when I’m off meds.

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Latuda stopped my voices

I’m also on clozapine but still get voices and paranoia
It gets better in time

I am ok.Just time after time I’m overhelmed with voices.

I dont use niacin but some people say it helps to quiet the voices along with meds.

I’m hearing faint voices with 300mg of seroquel so maybe upped dose to 600mg would work.

The med that stopped my voices was first Risperidone. I changed to Abilify still no voices anymore. Then i was put on Invega and I have few voices from time to time

Thank you all very much.

6mg invega and about 3 years. I still hear them 5 years on sometimes though

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The med that stopped the voices is Vraylar and many of the meds(Latuda, Geodon, Haldol, ) that I’ve been on. The exception are the med that never worked or stopped working: Seroquel, Abilify, Invega Sustenna & Trinza, Risperdal, and Zyprexal. The reason that I’m not on them is because I was paranoid or I had td.

A one time depot injection of Zyprexa stopped my continuous voices. Also a good nights sleep helped too.

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Risperidone alone didnt stop my voices but venlafaxine and mirtazapine together helped me deal with them and eventually they disappeared

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