What was your favorite age?

so for me it was probably college years although i was a bit reckless. i had good times in high school playing sports as well. i am most stable now though, but have little to no friends anymore. i’ve changed alot since college, as i am much less social. so i don’t always enjoy my stability. but i don’t think friends is what im missing. maybe a roommate would be nice, or live in girlfriend, but im not sure i could handle that either.

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The 3rd grade was pretty sweet. What is that, 8 years old, in the US?

Yeah, that was a good year for me.


This age. 31.because I feel closest to myself I’ve ever felt.


4th grade, 8 years old. I had lots of friends and I was always going over their houses to play.

My family lived in a duplex with a younger couple and the husband had two kids from a previous marriage who visited on weekends and me and my sisters and the kids played together and the young couple were really cool and they would come outside and play with us too. They were great neighbors.

Things changed when we moved when I was in sixth grade. I still had fun but I was innocent and shocked when I was playing at the school with my new friend when no one was there and he pulled out one of those huge crayons and matter of factly started writing graffiti on a classroom window. I never seen someone commit a crime so calmly like it was nothing.

But I learned fast and pretty soon I was drinking with a friend and vandalizing and stealing and we broke in a couple houses. It sure was different from my, innocent, carefree life in 4th grade.

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  1. Had a good job, nice house a Harley and lived in SoCal.
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Probably when I was 14 and then again at 23. It’s a tie between those two.


39-42 I think has been my favourite age.

I was happiest living out in the country with my x but am well now too just not quiet as happy.
But I have it good now.

I know who I am more, I have more independence, have licence n car, on the pension, have my pets , have my former stepmother love n support etc

I hated being a child and teen and a young adult sucked too as I was psychotic but I think child and teen were my worst years.no one had empathy or understanding and made me do things I couldn’t do etc I suffered and hated it.

I’m 42 now.

I got better when I met my x in sa.
Regret leaving him but wanted to be vegan n give my horse a better paddock.

My friend Anders was good to me and I had great times with him but there was destruction involved too and I was really sick but he was a great friend to me and I appreciate that.

My dads favourite age was 70.

My grandma favourite age was 60.


all my memories including college before I got sick I can see that I was always different…not until now do I feel like I have a favorite age…I try not to think about my past except for loved ones that have passed away…I like my age right now as my favorite…58.

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13 …

Complete sentence

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My favourite times were when I was in middle school.

The problem was I enjoyed math, playing instruments and science, but according to my mother the school said to her that they thought I was operating about 2 years above my age in my skills in these areas.

Unfortunately at that time they didn’t seem to push me hard enough, and by 11 I joined high school, and was so bored I decided to do lots of drugs and ignore my education.

That said, at the age of 22 I went back to college and then got into a top 20 university in the UK and graduated History and Sociology BA Hons. with a 2:1 (67%(3.67 GPA (I Think)))

I proved to myself I could get an education. It was just to my timings and not the forced schooling


My 7th and 8th grade so far.

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30-40. Got on meds which helped me function with less paranoia. Got married. Moved overseas. Got divorced and moved back. Good times with bad but always interesting.


21 when I experienced my first semester in Kansas. I was still passing and wasn’t too messed up yet.


19-21 I would say. Not sure which one to pick between those.

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All ages really.


High school by far


Kindergarten and high school by far


I’m unsure if I have a favorite age, but I’m looking forward to turning 40.


im also looking forward to 40. 4 more years for me and i’ll be 40, hopefully my place will be paid off by then.


As much more stable as I am now, I do miss my early 20s for the adventure. I was also a lot thinner.