What was your childhood like?

Hey guys as above, for me i had an amazing childhood, great friends great parents brothers and sisters, good times! Thoughts?

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A pile of ■■■■ my childhood.


Horrible. I was bullied and often belittled by my teachers. My teachers also called me a lazy a*s, and abused me.

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Very happy and safe. Parents happily married, three much older siblings, pets and a big garden with a pool. I didn’t have mental illness yet - that came when I was 13.

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My family were fine except for my step dad occasionally being violent when I got into trouble, but everyone else in the world treated me badly. I was bullied and abused by drug gangs and people at school. I never was able to fit in and I always got into fights and got into trouble for lots of things I did not even do

Now I am an adult, I still have my family, and all the horrible things people used to do to me finished when I got clean at about age 18

In short, I hated it. I don’t know how people can be treated like this and nothing really got done to stop it for years and years of constant abuse

It was OK. I wish they didn’t feed me cereal all my childhood though. And I wish my mum taught me about hair removal.

And that someone taught me the dangers of masturbation and meaningless sex.

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Everything was great until that one day - I was 18 and hanging out in the park with friends and I just slipped away and never came back - I’m 53 and still trying find balance and purpose


I have never done drugs, I wonder why ppl are so mad and stalking me :sob:

Emotionally: Could’ve been better
Materially: Better than average

Parents argued a lot and often gave me as a reason for that. Bullied badly(verbal) at my English public school from 13-18.

Same for me really.


Except for chronic daily panic attacks I had a happy childhood.
Wish I can go back.


Fairly comfortable. Mostly gaming. Maybe too comfortable, didn’t appreciate hard work well enough.

I had a lot of fun, did a lot of fun things. I was unhappiest when my friends ganged up on me and picked on me. I think going into high school was when the real misery started. Luckily, I wasn’t bullied except for a few incidents but I was lonely and didn’t have a lot of friends.

I skipped 8th graded and entered high school at age 12. I was wholly unprepared. I was always shy and at that age the difference in ages of one year could make a big difference. I was not ready physically, socially or mentally for high school. My appearance was a little odd and I knew no one and had no friends and was too shy to approach anyone.

Being a year younger than all the girls in my grade pretty much effectively ruined any chance of having a girlfriend or even just talking to girls. What made it more difficult was that I had a couple friends out of school and girls considered both of them as good looking and they had girlfriends and had girls who liked them, while I didn’t.
I was just awkward, withdrawn, not good looking, and painfully shy.

OK, that’s some of the bad crap. I did still do fun things and even though my friends friend was someone who hated my guts and despised me, if I wanted to hang around my friend I had to endure physical and verbal abuse from his friend. This guy was overweight and like 6’2" and weighed about 260 lbs, I was about 5’10" and entered high school weighing maybe 150 lbs. so I was hopelessly outmatched by his size and his meaness. He was also two years older.

He had a car though, so us three would drive to school or parties on weekends or just cruise around town on a weekend night or sometimes go to the drive-in movies. We got around.

Even after all this time, I sometimes think back and resent the way they treated me and ganged up on me. But on the other hand, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have done a lot of the cool and fun stuff I did growing up.

My childhood was kind of poor financially, but my mom liked nice clothes. She bought me the cutest leopard coat and matching hat when I was 6, at an expensive department store. I didn’t like my 2nd grade teacher much, and skipped school a lot. The rest was better than adulthood a lot of the time. I didn’t really have as bad problems until I started working. That’s probably why I didn’t have positive symptoms until 35 years of age. Just anxiety and shyness.

It was cuter than this one.


Unless in your childhood you weren’t made to feel like your own emotions/feelings were wrong and that who you wanted to be was allowed?

Hardly anyone gets a good childhood. Doesn’t matter where you come from.

When my grandma imposed some of her ‘brainwashed’ ‘programmed’ ideas onto my niece saying, “You need to finish school so you can work at Medical City.”.

All she did was look down and you can feel just how awful that felt.

The message she got was, “What you want isn’t right. What you want isn’t important. What feels good to you is ‘bad’.”.

So really, I don’t see hardly anyone who has had a good childhood. Childhood itself was ruined with the industrial era and rigid ‘moral’ beliefs which are actually the root of a lot of a hatred/self-righteous behaviors and rebellious attitudes which are just trying to constantly ward off/deflect the shame that was inflicted when we were young.

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My childhood was horrible. I don’t know how I survived it. I mean I had some good moments

Mine was a mix of bad and good.

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I had a great childhood. Lots of friends and supportive parents. My Dad screamed and cursed a lot but that became normal I guess.

The first part of my childhood was very good but the second part was full of schizophrenia, cognitive symptoms, violent voices, etc

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