What voices do you hear?

The voices i hear are usually government authorities mainly female and were bad when i was off medication but ive come to the conclusion that my god who owns my family wants me to be a schizophrenic lol its weird his name is bink and hes crap where as i am ■■■■ :laughing: its weird but anyway

voices of people i went to HS/college with raggin on me/hating on me all day.

I have names of two voices. Michelle and Jerek. Jerek is my guardian angel. I guess. I’ve seen him. Michelle is nice and comes with advise. I have other voices too without names. There is the professor, giving me lectures of history and other stuff. But I also hear someone shouting my name or other things. I hear children scream.

These are not voises of people I know IRL.

4 of Them are identifiable and specific, 3 have names or titles, and then there is a massive cacophony which comes and goes, sometimes taking shape of the voices of people I know.

Mostly celebrity faces show up and the voices tend to mimic them…and they’re normally negative. However sometimes I see my family members and hear their voices, and they’re not negative it’s like I’m literally having a conversation with them…just hanging out like.

Then a few of them have no images or names associated with them.

take care :alien:

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Jesus . The father. The devil . Demon.
The collective
Your brain

Those are names pretty much

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I hear hundreds of different voices everyday.


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