What do your voices sound like?

I’m just wondering what do your voices sound like? What kind of stuff have they said to you in the past?

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I don’t care to rehash what they said in the past.

They typically sound distant and are above me. They sound very strained like they are in pain. Perhaps what a mind would sound like in a lengthy life or death situation which couldn’t be rationalized.

They haven’t been an issue for about a week until a few hours ago.

I don’t think my brain likes me or likes existing. People are dependent on me toughing it out.

thank you, thank you very much…elves has left the brain.

Before meds… mine were very solid and direct. They sounded like there were always outside my head… but nobody was around. So for a while I thought I was getting sonic hearing and could hear what people were saying from far away.

After a few meds… and some hard drinking… it sort of changed… then I thought I was hearing specific entities.

There were 5… they didn’t have names… as much as personas… the panic man… the commentator… the good doctor… the hypnotist and the worst of all… the little girl.

It was chatter chatter all day long in my brain. Some I learned to ignore and they started to fade… the little girl… I had to go to therapy and work and get that sort of toxic thought out of my mind in order to get rid of that one…

With therapy and meds… they have faded into a whisper … like a crowd behind a door. Some days… it’s a rough day and the door opens and it’s a head full of chatter.

Other days… it’s just a little something here and there that I can ignore and keep going on my day with.

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I never saw my own voices as solid entities… they weren’t like people I talked to… they were voices I sometimes had to engage in order to get them to shut up. They were all inside my head… It’s a bit tricky to explain.

who ever happens to be talking outside on the streets or at home. i interpret their speeches as if they were talking about me. most of the time its just a bunch of petty insults thrown at me other times predicting my future which is also just pointless garbage talk which never comes true.

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I don’t hear voices, I hear music and songs. I’ll hear a ringing inc in my ear and then the music. Occasionally, I’ll hear a buzzer or a tone.
I hear nothing on meds.

Mine sound like regular people’s voices, that say annoying things like “happy birthday”, “I got you a present”, or they basically comment to what I’m thinking about.

thought i would say hi.
take care :alien:

I also have this problem. Peoples conversations that I hear sound like they are related to me…like everything is talking to me.

Well, Alien is a male voice in my head and I have an unnamed female voice, too. Sounds like a regular male and female voice, but silently speak in my head, like thoughts, but not my thoughts, if you know what I mean! Then there’s other voices that laugh like a cartoon laugh. Sounds like a cackle, like chipmunks cartoon. Then there’s the horror movie laugh as well. A creepy hoo hoo ha ha kind of laugh. The most common voice is Alien saying ‘You hypocrite, liar!’

Lady Jasmine is nice to me. She protects me, warns me of danger and tells me all about the world without color. Lord Worldwide is a real estate agent of destruction. Hes always laughing and loves chaos

Do they talk to you all day?

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Yeah the people without color talk constantly. Easy to ignor on meds though so its not a hassle

I have different voices. I have no control over them. I have a nice voice, Michelle, she reminds me and tells me nice stuff. But I also hear a demon that can speak through other people.

Voices are some crazy ■■■■… Every couple of weeks… like earlier today. It’s like wtf is this? It’s not real. There is no external source, but they are there. I don’t believe are brains are flawed, perhaps this is how the imagination has always progressed. I dunno I dunno I dunno… stop… okay.

Voices may vary depending on a situation where have been. When I was at a divorce court room, voices on the voice of Bill Clinton said ‘take the 5th’ and things like that, crazy things like that, but it all depends where I have been.