What triggered your psycosis/Sz?

Is it easier to recover from a psycosis if one know exactly what triggered it?

My friend had an incident where a group of people in real life turned against him for no reason and kind of started to exclude and backtalk him i think. He felt alone and since he was still living in the same area as them he started to get paranoid. At that time i think it was a legit reason because it was a quite traumatic event. Also he had smoked pot prior to that.

The group of ppl were from another religion and he was from another and he felt attacked or as if he needed to defend or represent his faith and it all just became very religious in the sense that it was not genuine. He became paranoid, depressed and now manic in a sense and arrogantly religious.

He is in treatment now, he still has twisted thinkong but it is interesting how he mentioned this incident yesterday and kind of said “do you remember when they all turned against me”. And then he keeps on babbling about accusational beliefa that are not true. But he did still mentions that event, I thought it was profound and good.

Does everyone know what triggered yours? Is it easier to get over it if one knows the triggers like my friend? What are your thoughts?

Drugs and trying to read minds?

My original hypothesis was that my schizophrenia was caused because of a prolonged overproduction of dopamine in the brain due to excessive training. But that turned out to be wrong because if it were the case professional sportmen would all be schizophrenics but they arent. not even a significant amount of them. then i thought it was perhaps triggered by me embracing alot of religious information and expressing myself socially one way and having a different set of beliefs in my heart. You know those doublefaced/doubletongued people? thats what i believe i was. and it couldve led to a mental breakdown.
however i experienced a strange reinterpretation of every word being said before having adopted the “two-face” approach. i interpreted every show on the TV as being led by an evil group of people trying to destroy and subjugate the health and mental state of the viewer.
this whole delusion is gone now.

so i dont really have a clearcut explanation to the psychosis only conjectures.

I don’t think you can know what triggered it. Most likely there are too many factors involved to even begin to figure that out. It’s enough for me to know that it’s genes + stress.

stress also isnt a really guiding reason for schizophrenia. the year before my breakdown i had the best time of my life and absolutely 0 stress actually nothing was going wrong back then and i still got mentally ill.

I remember I had to fly home for christmas and I met and spent time with a lot of people that I couldn’t even tolerate. but I was having some symptoms before that, then they just got worse and even worse as time went by.

Stress is an important factor. Personal analogies won’t change that since everyones experience is different anyway.

Stress and a lot of lsd

Lots of factors. But LSD and wellbutrin played a key role. And people being out to get me I believe…That wasn’t a delusion.

Having daily severe panic attacks since I was a young child (Stress) and taking Mescaline (could have been LSD)

That’s a sad story but not uncommon. The psychosis is caused by a lot of things – induced psychosis from trying hard drugs, ex-wives of wealthy persons are developing problems more now, new to area with lots of psychotics (sadly had several tragedies in my area when new to town ended up harming someone or self including military who returned from tour only to go nuts, VA refused him care and cops ended up shooting him to death), unwilling mistresses (sadly another group who moved here for good work were ladies alone who are now serving someone so they won’t be nuts even if well employed), children during 1960-1990 from poor area with pedophiles cops ignored, business rivals, lots of kids went to college here and developed psychosis because a wealthy person was up to wrong things and professors act like predators sometimes…This is where I come in.

Lady I met at my first employer was introducing people to her sex abuser, scare them bad and let him have them. It caused PTSD/selective amnesia if lady lived alone as it would just be convenient to use her good. Lady spent 2-3 years loading up memories to be lost until all memories returned at once and usually victim had a nervous and some ended up psychotic for decades…Witch bragged it was family business to drive people crazy.

Lots of these victims now follow orders from voices to stalk, vandalize and trespass upon newer victims in manner you described your friend suffering. Some of these littler towns and suburbs have a TON of people who act like this and if your friend was last person to move to town without knowing the dirty stuff, he will be sacrificed. Best to leave these situations and just consider whole area sick/toxic. You have to leave these situations by never having any more contact with any of them, no confrontational stuff AT ALL. Do not discuss diagnosis, do not talk aloud to self, do not follow orders from voices and don’t discuss the people he met or whatever lead up to the nervous and voices can stop in 2-3 years. When he moves, the new town’s nuts will bother him for a while called thought broadcasting. He may be discriminated against at colleges which is really bad right now in lots of areas or the classes are so light it is a waste…if he gets pell grant or student loans and gets mistreated, wants to drop classes, he will have to pay it all back immediately. Better to take classes online and just get the piece of paper this way, paying cash for first 1-2 classes to make sure he will be okay as sometimes the online classes. Mental care NEVER helps with these social issues, calling almost anything delusional, just sells pills. If he ever gets angry with the care, he will be put in mental hospital forcibly at his own expense for as long as the mental care can justify. If your friend ended up on SSI/SSDI, he can work part-time which I highly recommend before he ever tries an employer full-time as some people will screw someone…He needs to discuss a work decision with his case worker at government clinic to see how it affects his specific situation. If your friend moves to city, better to NEVER answer any of the verbal harassers if they are working in groups and threatening, some cities have a lot of this. Also better to NEVER share walls as some of the millennials are very disruptive to neighbors and may even ruin his work schedule with the blasting noise, detached houses maintain sanity.

Some of the churches here are headed by a dirty businessman who claims he ‘heals’ some people who have voices but is usually a 3-ring circus show, wallet checked and person thrown back out onto street with more harassers even years later making it REALLY hard to work even. Most of these churches here want their people to adhere to VERY strict church behaviors including preach stalking when voices demand it called cause stalking. These churches are almost cult-like and some cannot even leave without a restraining order but something worse may happen. Never worth checking out churches IMO unless you know several members really well.

Ran across some ‘therapists’ lately who turned out to be alternative raki, energy healing pagan thing who are driving their employees crazy…I caught it from a free internship where these people were holding their meetings. It is nothing short of an attack by learning disabled people who make such bad judgments bothering people around me and employment options, I’m not going to be able to work for months until this quits and maybe longer…Even the group of sex abuser’s left me able to work and left my coworkers were left alone…

A bad acid trip was the final straw.

Mine was triggered by chronic stress from college and marijuana and salvia.

I was always on shaky ground… the head circus rolled in when I was 5… amped up when I was 10… got stranger when I was 11 but I was still happy and hyper… but I didn’t think or act like other kids. I was pretty far out there.

At 14… my kid sis and I were injured in a house fire… we weren’t burned too badly… but still spent a few days in the burn unit.

After that … an older cousin introduced me to the wide world of alcohol and drugs. I really crumbled after that.

I’ve always had severe anxiety and delusions, which I was being treated for, but my mother’s unexplained abrupt death one year ago September 16, triggered multiple daily panic attacks and voices. My mother took care of me, but her death threw me into an episode I’m still slowly recovering from.

Im so sorry @odiledecaray, I lost my father as well. Sucks.

Experimenting with drugs when my family has a history of mental illness. My aunt is schizoaffective, grandfather commit suicide, uncle bipolar and more I don’t care to list. Every doctor has told me the drugs probably activated the sz gene in my brain prematurely (age 14), instead of the normal onset of the illness.

no sleep,
too much hash,
too much e tablets,
too much sniffing glue,
too much alcohol
to much self abuse
too much ■■■■■■■■ in my life

Thank you minnii. It does suck. I get so upset that the world keeps turning and the seasons keep changing though she’s gone. I kept asking, “why can’t everything just stop?”

I suppose it will get a little easier for us with time <3

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I know, it was terrible, I couldnt speak for a day, didn’t cry or anything just stood there.

Thinking about it, I think its going to be worse when my mom dies. I dont want to think about that.