How did you feel prior to your first sz episode?

If its scientifically correct and schizophrenia is related to dopamin levels being high in the body… i would like to know how did you all personally feel prior to your first schizophrenic episode?

i personally felt like a champion and nothing seemed impossible for me.


Drunk, stoned, or both. I think. I was a blackout drinker who used pot and speed copiously. They probably covered up a lot of my prodromal symptoms.


yeah but did you like really enjoy being high or was it the average high and you were seeking to do more and more to improve your state?

I stopped enjoying it years before I quit. I had reached the point where I was trying to get back the old euphoria through increased consumption. Failing that, anything that caused me to cease being me was a solid compromise.


stressed-moved complete life change was a stay at home mom.40 hr week job never worked before,building a large 3 room addition pushing myself to texture ceilings drywall paint after family moved in with us mom stepdad little bro older bro wife baby.constant conflicts i found myself as mediator a first i was depressed cried often,then totally fell apart was hospitalized.i have often wondered if we had stayed in north platte not moved here would break down have taken place

thats interesting. it could still be related to an increased ammount of dopamine being released due to stress and your body accommodating to it by producing more dopamine.

I was a completely normal person

I remember it vividly. It was three in the morning, and I was hanging out with my brother and our friends. They were drinking, I was not. Then, suddenly, I got a rush of the most amazing feeling I have ever known in my entire life. I ran around the house three times, then got on the trampoline and started bouncing for about an hour. The next day I was hospitalized, because I became convinced i couldn’t touch any part of my body. I was just standing in a room with my arms straight out, fingers spread apart, until they got me. So yeah, I believe your dopamine theory. But what caused the rush of dopamine?

Yeah, quite a rush until I was losing consciousness. Pretty sure of that even though I was alone, there was evidence that I was not always aware of what I was doing. Just tobacco and the radio were the stimulants.

Stressed from a third shift job at a retail store.

I was pretty high functioning, granted I was only 14 before my first episode. If anything I was mildly bipolar, I was a pretty emotional and grandiose kid.

My life ran away from me. Excessive stress. I became paranoid and could read people’s minds. I was not very productive. I was home sick a lot because I could not handle the situation. The stress was both home and at work. I used morphine pills and alcohol to calm down. I stopped them on Valentines day in 2010. By september 2010 I had a fullblown psychosis. Stopped sleeping completely. I was going to divorce my husband and kill myself. But he never let go of me. We are still married. I was taken to hospital and was kept there for 6 months, then my mom forced them to let me out one conditions that she would take care of me and keep an eye on me. I lived at mom’s place for 4 months before I was ready to go home.

I just remember feeling that everything was out of control… I didn’t feel I could trust many people. I was running in a blind panic all the time. I was always feeling like everything was going to come crashing down any minute.

I also felt a little superior in that I was sure I was the only one who know how messed up life and the world was…

I also thought I could predict the future… I was all over the place with my moods… my actions… my fears…

I was probably floridly psychotic for a long while before the final crash. I drank heavily and did sadly smoke much pot and took much XTC and acid.

Some times I loved it and felt invincible. Some times I was sure my entire family would die… or get turned against me.

For months before my first hospitalization I was isolating and having panic attacks at all my numerous jobs. I didn’t want to go outside so I was laying in my parents apartment watching TV all day. I think I still had a grip on being normal when I was put in my first psyche ward but I believed the medication made me psychotic. I think that’s a common feeling, I’ve heard other people say it too. I probably would have got psychotic eventually without the medication but after I first took that first dose of stellazine I was never the same again.

I feel like all I know is this disease. I got diagnosed at age 12. As recently as 2 days ago, I was psychotic. From what memories I can muster, I had a happy, care-free childhood. Then my mom got diagnosed with cancer when I was 8, so yeah, not much to remember pre-sz.

I was having a serious amount of grandiose and paranoid thoughts before I got diagnosed years later. It didn’t help that my mom had undiagnosed schizophrenia. I thought I could see the future, and believed a lot of my delusions by the time I was 16 years old. I started hearing voices when I was 19, and I thought I had seen a demon back when I was 13, a passing shadow in the shape of a man, and then a scurry of something in the rafters of the library. I would often feel awe, and wonder, and curiosity, and paranoia, and fear, before things got worse, I think, I mean, it was so long ago and so gradual that I’m not really sure.

I was suffering from panic attacks and depression and mood swings prior to being diagnosed with sz. I had panic attacks for five years prior to being diagnosed.

I felt normal maybe a little depressed.

At the height of the first episode? Full blown mania batshit crazy… I was even frightened of myself for weeks after that

I felt insecure about coping with my first real job. Found I couldn’t even make change without elaborate effort.