What to do anout Abilify and insomnia?

I switched from Solian (amisulparide) to abilify about 5 months ago. Since then I’ve been sleeping less and poor quality, light sleep. It’s starting to get to me. Last night I took 50mg of Seroquel to get to sleep.

Insomnia has triggered bad episodes for me in the past.

The problem is, I really like Abilify, I feel heaps better on it and am active and living life for the first time in years. I’d rather not change back.

What can I do about the insomnia?

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I’m on abilify too and sometimes don’t sleep well at night.
Regular excercise helps to tire the body naturally.
And if I find the time to nap during the day, which I always do, I use it. As long as I get enough sleep overall it’s fine when I take it during the day


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Thanks, I was on 15mg, just lowered it to 10mg and started taking it in the morning instead of night. This hasn’t helped. I do heaps of exercise.

Not sure if it’s being caused by the abilify or I’m getting unwell. It’s scary.

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One alternative is go back but keep abilify.
Other option is sleeping meds.
Have u taken one before?

It was too activating for me as well. I couldn’t tolerate it. It made me anxious, agitated and unable to sleep

Abilify gave me flashing white lines whenever i closed my eyes which made it impossible to sleep

Yes, I’ve taken lots of sleeping meds. They’ve been helping a bit lately, but I prefer not to take them all the time.
My pdoc suggested Melatonin, but so far I haven’t been able to get it here in Aus.
Does Melatonin help?

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I take combination melatonin/Mirtazapine/AP.
Melatonin is worth a try.

You can get circadin (which is melatonin 2mg ER) prescribed as a private prescription. Though it costs 40 dollars per pack roughly.

I know this because my pdoc did it for me not long ago. Unfortunately, circadin makes my insomnia worse… I suspect 2mg is TOO MUCH melatonin.

I am also in Australia.

The other option is a compounding pharmacy.

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I take up to 9 mg.