What time of the day your symptom free or reduced

My symptoms reduced in the evening when it gets dark. Sometimes complitly gone but it takes few minutes and than its back to reduced symptom. During summer usually i notice reduction around 8 30 but since its getting dark sooner my symptoms improved around 6. Its interesting i wonder if the moon has anything to do in our well being.

Speaking from an anxious/paranoid perspective the evening onwards till i wake up. Can’t say it’s gone but it tones down.

I’m better in the mornings; most of the time when my symptoms get bad, it’s in the evening. Sometimes I’ll spike in the early afternoon, though. I think for me it has to do with stress levels. As the day goes on, I get more and more stressed and tired, and everything going on in my head starts getting jumbled and piling up. Also my ability to manage my symptoms gets worse toward the evening too, which give the appearance of an even wider swing from morning to evening.

I feel great in the morning, but in the evening, when I’m tired, everything sort of starts amping up. If I’m too tired, and too still, it’s hard to ignore my head.

I guess there’s no standard time for feeling better. Just out of interest is Saturday and Sunday better than Monday to Friday?

im symptom free, i feel ive turned the corner in my life and im optimistic about future goals

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My symptoms are noticeably better in the morning. I wake up feeling like a healthy person. This good feeling can last well into midday if I’m not too stressed. But, almost always, my symptoms get worse as the day goes on. By the time I go to bed, it’s pretty bad. Especially after dark.

I used to go to bed at noon to avoid this lol. It worked ok, but it just wasn’t a healthy sleep pattern. So I’m back to sleeping nights and dealing with symptoms.

Also, I’ve noticed that my symptoms get MUCH worse in the winter, when there’s less sunlight. I still haven’t found a way to deal with that yet.


Here in Seattle, (the real rain city) we do have a vitamin D deficiency problem. Adults, children, young and old are all encouraged to take in a little extra vitamin D for this area. It helps. Also there is a lot of research about seasonal affective disorder up here. Light therapy has become a big thing for the long Seattle grey. It’s really helped some people I know. Some are diagnosed, some are just horribly depressed by December.

I haven’t tried it yet, but if this Christmas hits me like the last one, I am going to see what it’s about.

Depends. Busy weekend? Better. No time to pay attention to my voices and get stuck in my head. Slow weekend, bad. I’m just sitting, rocking and gazing at the wall until the kid sis takes me out to lunch.

I can’t imagine living in weather like you do in seattle. I would be super depressed. I’m in south Texas, and the winters here are hard enough for me lol.

I’ve been taking vitamin D supplements, and that helps. But I’ve never tried light therapy. I’m willing to give it a shot this winter, though! Thanks for the suggestion!



I actually really like rain. Today was about the perfect weather for me, about 65 degrees, with very light breeze, and drizzle. I love a nice light rain, especially if I’m in the woods, hearing it patter against the leaves, smelling that wet dirt smell. I’ve been known to dance in downpours and splash in all the puddles.

I love playing in the rain. The kid sis and still puddle stomp and dance around in the warmer rains of spring. The colder winter of December? not so much. :wink:

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