Why sunset i just dont get it!

When the sunset comes my mental symptoms improves, during winter i feel much better because the sunset is 5:30. Now the summer is coming and, Sunset is going to happen around 9… I just don’t understand what type of rare illness i have. Whats the trick in this.

What happens when the sun sets?
In my house, it usually means the hard day is over and dinner eaten, dishes done, housework waits until tomorrow. It’s the best time for me, all is relaxed, nothing expected…

Who knows!

Why does the Sunset grill restaurant open at sunrise and close in the afternoon?

Who knows!

Me too, I also feel better after sunset, the day is done and its a relaxing time. And I love winter too, the nights are so long. Here in South Africa we are heading for winter at last, and I am soooo happy summer is over! The nights are already getting longer - it used to be 8pm when the sun set now its before 7pm

I feel better in cooler temps. Plus at the end of the day, the stress and chaos is finished, usually. With the traffic noise and people noise dying down, my stress dies down too.

Sunset is a good time for me. Especially if the day was better then the day before it. Then I can take a breath and say… “This day was a better day. Here and now, in this calm dusk is a good time to be alive.”

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Even if i am in a stress by sunset my mental symptoms reduces and sometimes eliminates. Concentration is good, i become talkative, and i become optimistic. Its a rare symptom i have. I may not even have sza… Maybe it is some type of mental illness that resembles schizophrenia. My pdoc don’t understand how that can be possible.

If your symptoms are being triggered or made worse by anxiety then perhaps there is a sense of relief once the sun sets because our perception of the world changes. There is less to see or notice so less to be concerned about. During the day when you look out a window you see so much more then at night. It’s like the world becomes smaller giving you a chance to catch your breathe. Does that make sense?


Sungazing is healthy …

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Everything vibrates at a greater intensity when the Sun heats up the day. It is like a pot of water being heated up so much that the molecules boil off as steam. When the evening comes you can feel everything slowing down, all the molecules in everything. This is a more peaceful state but agitation and action are necessary for a healthy mind and body. My body clock is in tune with the metabolism of the day . I will almost always come inside to watch the noontime and evening news without even being aware of the time on the clock.

Thanks mjseu, it was interesting article, i need to do more research on it, and try it to see if i get any benefits from it.