What thing would you no longer like to see on the forum?


i just wanted to open a thread for us to discuss things (attitudes, ideas, actions) which make us feel uncomfortable in this place.

maybe if we each articulate these things, we can all read through and try to stop stepping on each others’ toes, you know?

you could even list more than one, if you want.



People flagging you because they have a different opinion to you/don’t like what you’ve said rather than your actually having done anything wrong.

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I don’t frequent this site a lot, but I like the fact that there are opponents of psychiatry. Also, why should they go somewhere else?? I find it terrible that some people with pro-psychiatry-views can’t take that there are people who see psychiatry in a negative light. Personally, I myself am not too pleased with psychiatry.

What I really hate is when there are confrontations in any forum, not just here, and the “popcorn crowd” comes out. The people who post the popcorn-eating smilie which is saying that they get a kick out of other people having a confrontation. Absolutely hate that!!!


Anti-psychiatry is a set of irrational beliefs about the ineffectiveness and danger of psychiatric treatment (mainly meds). They are not based on facts. We do not allow such views here for the simple reason that encouraging people to stop an effective treatment is a way of harming them. This is especially true for psychosis, where insight is sometimes reduced, and is reduced further when the effective treatment for positive symptoms (i.e. mainly just antipsychotics) ends.

You’re allowed to dislike your treatment. You’re not allowed to spread false information that can and often does end up harming other people.


I guess now I know why I don’t come here often.

Then I guess it’s for the best that you don’t.


It would be for the best if forums like this one allowed all types of views, not just a specific one.


I would no longer like to see people posting. People should just meditate around the threads. Become monks



This is a moderated support forum. Our goal is to help people with psychotic disorders recover. We will allow anything that doesn’t significantly hinder that goal. Anti-psychiatry ruins peoples lives. Your freedom to express any and all views you want does not trump other people’s health and well-being. If this is unacceptable to you, then by all means leave.


I don’t have enough motivation to argue with you. Might not reply any further.


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change the pics of Sarcosine

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As someone who was damaged by the crap you push, I’d like to request you push it elsewhere. I don’t need another relapse.


schizophrenia has to be treated

that’s the responsible thing to do


Expressing sexuality.That’s like religion,if you believe you must keep it to your self here.If you jrk,you can post it here.


I didn’t realize that would bother people.


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My friend called me one evening and told me he could not have sex with his wife,but he jrks.Why it’s up to me.It’s private thing.


I’ll try to keep that in mind

I do get a little too open I guess

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Oh,@Daze,it’s not forbidden.

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Talking about your sexual orientation is and always will be fine here.

Seeking help for sexual problems is fine too. We only moderate porn and dirty language.


I think I may have slipped through

cuz I was talking about Phil and me in 69.

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