What sort of thing stresses you that produces breaks in reality?

For me it is anything that involves police… This stems from back in 2009 when Police thought I was going to kill the president based upon me purchasing ammonium nitrate and a fuse when I was 16. Supposedly they did some data mining and identified me as the only potential threat to Obama’s visit in 2009. I had a lot of agencies investigating me afterwards because I started to communicate with them by texting myself and ultimately tweeting several Three letter agencies. It was a waste of time but I was just really confused and anxious on why they thought I was a bad person. Being called a target by a police officer was my initial break and all delusions there on after and breaks in reality had something to do with police and after they interacted with me.

I was able to get an apology from the Chief Of Police but not the Federal Government. I expelled so much time and effort just for a simple sorry… Due to me communicating with the State I had many officers follow me home and write me tickets…

But now with a apology from the Former Chief who is now the Chief of LA. Port I feel safer and no cops mess with me just because they can. I have the Chief Of Beverly Hills behind my back who is actually my neighbor as well as the Chief Of LA Port and Chief of my own town who just happened to leave several months ago.

It feels pretty good knowing I can count on them. They said that if I were to ever become homeless they would put clothes on my back and find me a place to live and purchase me food and take care of me.

But the damage from all of these officers messing with me before I got my apology really did some damage to my mind. I have difficulties in nearly every area of cognition but thankfully I can still function.

What stresses you out?

Storms stress me out and being followed stresses me out.

I would think that storms could provide a sense of relaxation… Where I live we rarely get storms and when we do I am outside and in my car chasing them and watching the clouds and rain roll in. Its exciting and it is a passion of mine.

I used to have experiences of being followed. It was tough. I was followed by an officer just once, all other times I thought I was being followed I have deemed my brain just playing tricks on me. I said above I was followed by officers many times but in reality it was only just a single time where I can look back and say it for sure happened. That was directly after I started to tweet my local PD. They were pretty pissed off but by them scaring me it just put me in crazy land where I ultimately lost self control and started to tweet more. It was blowback and it was done through them changing my brain chemistry through stress.

You must have been delusional for quite a while to have all those different ideas develop. Medication is our savior.

Interpersonal conflict stresses me out. Sometimes work. Feeling like there are too many people around me, not being in control of a situation.

Thankfully none of this happens a lot.

I am 55 years old. In the eighties I was in and out of hospitals or living in group homes. But I stayed out of the hospital from 1990 to 2015. Last year, in the space of two weeks, my mom died, I lost my housing, and I ended up in the psyche hospital from the stress for two days.

I think the biggest trigger was when I drove up to comfort my mom in her last few weeks. It was a 300 mile round trip in which I drove by myself. And I did it twice. When I was visiting my mom I had to drive all over a town I was not familiar with and sometimes it was just on the spur of the moment.

Anyways, after she passed and I was home again, the stress was tremendous and I had to quit school and I couldn’t drive my car and I had to take two months off from my job. All this happened within the space of two weeks. There’s more to the story but that’s pretty much the story of why I had a break.

Sorry to hear you lost your mum and your house! And it caused a breakdown. That sounds like a rough period.

For me - except for quitting my meds cold turkey, which wasn’t a good idea… triggers are: pms, highly emotional or negative people (critical, hostile), reading about religious or paranormal themes, any form of threat to my child or my bond to my child, fear of medication, scary movies, talks with my nurse or pdoc (not a really practical one… they are supposed to help, but she is always triggering to me…).

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I emailed multiple federal police-esque agencies in a frantic manic state. Then I slept and woke up feeling horrified. I got super paranoid and started getting delusional, but thankfully I had posted about it here and people offered great advice about not being too hard on myself. I emailed them over a false dui conviction and then rambled on about cops in my town, several of whom actually were close friends and fellow cops of other cops who had been prosecuted by the feds for various felonious corruption charges.

Surprisingly, one agency sent a reply saying.

We do not conduct new investigations based on an alleged FOIA request. There will be no investigation.

I don’t know if I mentioned that, but I got this email from some private contractor from either the DOJ or someone big like that, I can’t remember off the top of my head. I was surprised, like, wait, aren’t you supposed to be justice warriors??

Also, social conflict REALLY triggers me. While getting emails from the feds and cops makes me paranoid and delusional, social conflicts (i.e. my friend and her former boyfriend getting into a serious argument and causing my friend to cry and belittling her) causes me to snap and take off. I do NOT mean snap as in violence, I mean snap as in I don’t think right and I’m likely to walk off into the distance until I can get away from the situation and feel safe. Literally, I have walked off into the night in a panic and wound up far from home.

For example. with that aforementioned best friend and her boyfriend this year, I got a fair distance away on foot, but then decided to go back (with Mexican food for everyone to calm them down—it worked!!! lol, they just sat there chatting happily while they ate their enchiladas and tacos). I don’t know if that’s my chronic ptsd or the sz, but it certainly feels like a terrible combo of paranoia, fear, flashbacks and an increase in delusions and, sometimes, a light to moderate triggering of residual voices.

Also, white vans freak me out.

Most of the time rain tends to be relaxing. But ice storms due to the threat to power, and tornadoes due to the threat on property and life really bother me these days.

What stresses me out is people who live far beyond the normal range of what they should know about me who are intensely involved in my life. People come at me saying, “You just do something to me I don’t understand”, and I’m going “Who the ■■■■ are you?” People in Tennessee should not have any knowledge of my existence, much less be intensely involved in it. People in a town thirty miles away should not have any knowledge of my existence when I haven’t been there in almost a year. It’s heinous, and it really makes me mad.

Big assingments due which i cant handle due to my cognitive deficit.

Children, my intrusive thoughts tell me to harm them, whenever they are around it is a constamt struggle.

People talking quickly, I have issues with poverty of speech, i easily become jealous when people are able to speak fluently around me.

Thank you…

Inactivity and Isolation. My doctor calls it negative stress - in that it is rather the absence than the presence of certain stimuli that triggers psychosis.

Excitement. A holiday. Moving did a bit of a number.

Mail. If I am applying for things and it’s a long process and involves paperwork. Or I just get repeated mail over and over…ill put that under the moving catergory cause it seemed when I moved I was not the only one that had a
Break from reality. So did the gas company, the electric company, housing benefit, council tax. Despite every preparation done before hand.

Internet can be one sometimes I wish things had not evolved the way they had. Now everything is one big web. Google is terrible. No privacy. Social media for sure. I am off it. But that is a difficult task. Some accounts you can’t delete only deactivate. And hackers love that.

People not understanding why it is you don’t always do the things you used to do before you became ill.