Do you guys ever think the cops are after you?

Just because of your dx; like they are.mind readers even accross the wole city

I used to , a long time ago. It was one of my early delusions. I used to think they were controlled and they were out to get me. When I heard police sirens, I use to think they were reacting to my thoughts. Just a delusion though.

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Oh i have the same thing with the sirens, had that one alot. It used to be even worse.

Uh, when I did drugs, I worried about getting busted (and I came pretty close). But I quit drugs and I stopped doing anything illegal and I don’t worry about cops anymore. Well, when I see them in traffic I do try to drive a little more careful.

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All the time. Whenever I see the police, my eyes go wide and I’m automatically in self-protection mode. I used to run when I saw them, but I luckily stopped that. I think it contributed to my weariness of the police state.

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I used to think the same thing about train “whistles”(or whatever that sound they make is) too.

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Yeah i used to hear a train that would pester me too. But, these were very evil trains and cops.

Every day when i come home I think as I open my front door the police will jump out and kill me …
Yeah, I have paranoia I’ll be arrested for misunderstanding me.

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Unfortunately that may not be such a delusional belief. Police have bad records when it comes to handling the mentally ill. Many have been killed by untrained violence happy officers who had no idea what they were doing.

Particularly if you’re a person of color it would not be wrong to think that police have it out for you. What a world we live in.

I get paranoid when I hear sirens. I think it’s from dealing with the cops the last time I went to the hospital

Not the police but just a shadowy gang was after me. It mostly passed that delusion. Lately ive been ignoring it and its been going away.

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