Stress triggers episodes

So I’m under a super amount of stress between driving my alcoholic mother around, ppl texting trying to be nosey, tired of living alone etc

I’m starting to feel paranoid a bit.

Does this happen to anyone else, am I never going to be able to handle any stress…


I hope youre doing okay… its a daily struggle aint it? I think if were together pwrhaps its not so bad…

I wrote a poem about that a while back…

On this bleak November morning
This November without friend
Cast i, my eyes to the window
Seeing maple and pine bend

Twas the wind that bent them so
And rain. And then I heard them say
Friend at least we are together
Gathered in November rain


Yeah it triggers me too. I often walk out of stressful circumstances. Just say I need a break or need to go home etc. People aren’t critical mostly but when I need to leave I just do. It’s not always an option but it’s good having activities that relax you and take you out of your headspace into something easier dealt with.

So. Relaxation to destress is important and managing stressful events in your life even if that means having a plan to remove yourself from them or take time out.


I do think there is a lot of improvement of symptoms to be had by diligently addressing the issues on every front tho…wishing you health :pray:

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That’s beautiful @ThePoet

I made my downstairs neighbor mad also. He was trying to get a piece I said no he says ok you remember that it freaked me out.

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I see im sorry to hear that. Dont let it get to you im sure everythings fine.

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Ugh. Yes.

I’ve been under stress lately too. Lots of fighting with the husband… like to the point I was thinking I wanted a divorce. I started having symptoms yesterday evening… but I got good sleep last night and feel a bit better today…

Sorry you’re stressed out :confused:


Thanks @Human being able to hear these ppls conversations through this apartment makes me feel like I’m hearing voices again. So d*"* frustrating.

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You’re welcome…

Idk what advice to give…

Last night I had to stop looking at my phone and just go to sleep… looking at my phone was making me feel worse/making me more paranoid… so maybe just try going to sleep? If you can…

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I got my headphones in trying to drown out neighbors before I cry or scream one.

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Sorry you’re having a rough time.

Try and stay cool and breathe

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Stress triggers me too.

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Of course my head phones die when I needed them most…

I remember back when i worked at a certain restaurant and they made me work an extra 6 hours at the end of my shift and I slipped into psychosis while at work. Stress definitely plays a role in my symptoms presenting


How in the he** are we supposed to live without stress the world’s full of it…

Sorry everyone I’m angry at this illness


I avoid stress as much as possible, as I know it can trigger an episode and don’t want it. If any drama occurs, I am gone. Not out of ignorance but self-protection.

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I avoid stress…that’s why I don’t work…kind of stuck.


My mom seems to think psychosis was a one time deal she told me not to put her through that again lololol… Like really mom try and research what I have at least fake it something I dunno. Sorry needed to vent.


Well, it makes you vulnerable to more if you are not careful. It is not your fault!

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sad when family members don’t understand…sorry turtle.