Exposure = closure?

If I expose myself more to what causes me distress would that help me regain over my fear? I’m afraid of police. Tonight I watched their TV show but I’m not sure whether I feel worse and more deeply disturbed or stronger

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Why are you afraid of the police?

Do you do anything illegal?

Nope I am a law abiding citizen. They are voices in my head and the root cause of my problems. They took my hands and use my brains electronic signature to put things in my head and stalk me

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Too much things they do that I can safely talk about but yeah

You believe police do this to you?

Yes I do. They do not protect they decieve

Have you ever had a bad experience with cops?

Are you on meds?

Yes lots. They even tried to make out I was on drugs. They sent me to the psych ward heaps of times and even put me in the cells and arrested me. They tried to stop me seeing my son as they said I was dangerous. All they do is lie. They keep on trying to get me to kill myself and have taken over alot of the things around me. I am on meds but that wont change what these assholes are doing to me because it’s not illness!

The police dont want to hurt you.

They may react in such a way if they are threatened.

Co operate with them and they’ll cooperate with you.

I’ve tried but they get at me even though I havent done anything in a long time and they know how it gets to me

You’ll be alright.

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