What size is your waist?

What size is your waist? Mine’s 36.5.

34 with no ass, ha ha

I’m depressed mine is so big. I’m female.

sorry my butt is flat and people laugh at me

40-42. Goes up and down.
I’m fat.

Are you male or female?

Sorry to hear that.

Male. 151515151515

I’m a 33 in jeans…my buddy is a 35…

But they don’t make that fit in men’s jeans…just 34 and 36. We swear we’re both going to open our own Jeans Store one day and just call it…

“33’s and 35’s Threads For Men”

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Not so bad then.

I’m 28 1/2 - female

i range between a 30 waist to 32 waist depending on how my weight is fluctuating or how much exercise i get… typically being thinner in the summer months. right now my size 30 pants fit again. as i have lost 15 pounds.

I wear my hips to the outside.

I’m female and my waist is 32 and a half inches. I lost some weight and I just remeasured myself.

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Don’t sweat it. Most women are pear shaped through the hips…the baby-making physique!

Men get larger bellies around middle age, I find.

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I’ve seen wranglers in 35’’.

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Really? Where?

Never seen 33’s or 35’s in men’s jeans in my life.

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I think it was amazon or walmart. I still have size 35 cargo shorts here somewhere.

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Okay…I’ll have to look into this next time I need a pair of jeans. Thanks.

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I have never measured it…………….idk

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