What size is your waist?

I was size 40 for a while but now it could be 38.
I did lose some weight.

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US size 8
29 or 30

I was 28 before my SZ. Now 8 years after my diagnosis I am 38-40 depending if its a slim cut.
I always wear Adidas track pants except for celebrations, holidays and church. I like Adidas track pants because they look nice, are super comfortable and don’t make me sweat.

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I have Adidas sweat pants and sweat shirt.

I think 36 or 37? Can’t remember but it’s much too big

34 or 36 depending on the make of jeans, but I’m losing weight now, always gain over winter

Idk, probably like 45

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31 inches. 30 waist jeans are too tight and 32 fall down as I walk, it’s annoying.

I used to be size 30, and I’ve gotten up to a 32 before, but right now I’m in the middle.

34, tho ive been wearing some 36 size now, male. Its gonna be a wake up call when i stop being able to fit my pants.

less than 38. Need to use a belt but I’ve a beer belly I’m working on. I used to look 6 months pregnant but I’m bringing it back…meanwhile. I’ll by 97cm/38 inch pants and need a belt…not ready for a lower size yet.

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No clue, but it’s too big, that’s all I need to know.


speaking of waists – i keep dreaming of one and dancing with a partner… lol!!! judy

26, US size 5-6.

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