That's another pair of trousers busted

That’s another pair of trousers busted. I really need to lose weight as some of my trousers are rather tight . It’s easier said than done though .

Had to wait 19 minutes to post this one.


I know what you mean. I just spent a fortune replacing all my skinny clothes with fat clothes. I just can’t afford to put on any more weight. :unamused:


I know I should lose weight , but how to do so and the issue of how to cope with needing and buying new clothes as I lose weight plays havoc with my brain.

Ideally I need to lose over 90 lbs and go from a 48 waist to a 34 waist. I’ve got it into my head that’ll mean having to buy new trousers for every 2-4 inches I lose.

I have visions of ending up with umpteen pairs of trousers!


I’ve solved that problem firemonkey. I have now purchased elastic waisted jeans and pants lol. They are nice ones though, they come from a plus sized clothing store, sizes 12-24. I take a size 12 from their store so it makes me feel better lol.

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I have elasticated waist trousers in sizes 38 and 40 inch waist. The 38 are tight . My actual waist size is 48!

When I’ve bought the trousers I thought my waist size was about 42 inches. I’m not sure what size trousers I need to be getting along the way if I gradually go down from a 48 to a 34 inch waist.

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Gosh, that sounds way too complicated for me lol. I would get elastic waisted ones in your current measurement. When you lose weight you will have the others to fall back on, and the new pair should accommodate a loss of a few inches and are easily taken in anyway. Ask you step daughter to see what she thinks. :grinning:

Get a free account at Track calories. Don’t exceed limits.

I’m down one size already.

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I’m at a 50 waist and may need to “upgrade”. I don’t blame people for wanting to get off their meds anymore although I don’t consider that an option for me.

Shouldn’t take the little blue pill with your trousers on :smiley:

Couldn’t resist. I went through a lot of weight loss (81 pounds), and as I lost weight (I think I was a 44 when it began), I kept those pants until size 38 and just used a belt to take up the slack. I used the same tactic until I reached size 34. I can get into 32s, but I don’t feel like buying a bunch more pants. A good belt takes up the slack nicely. Sure it bunches in the front, but it’s not uncomfortable at the pace I was doing it (every 4 sizes). The problem with buying new clothes I did encounter was with shirts. Didn’t take long before I felt like I was swimming in them. Those I went through much faster. I think some are still residually used as rags around here for dusting and car stuff.

I thrift store shop. It is a pain to have to search through everything but well worth it. I have made some amazing finds.

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I know what you mean @firemonkey.
I bend down to pick something up from the floor the other day and my jeans ripped on the left side.
It’s too much!

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