What should happen to James Holmes?

I’ve been involuntarily committed a few times, and i never thought it was okay to randomly shoot and kill innocent strangers. imho It’s idiots like Holmes that adds to the awful stigma attached to this disorder.

I don’t believe in the death penalty, because imho nobody should be allowed to kill another person.
I think Holmes should spend the rest of his life in a cage, just like Jodi Arias. At least Arias didn’t try to get away with what she did by saying sz was the reason she did it.

What do you think should happen to Holmes, do you have an opinion on this ?

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I would like to clarify, If someone is killed in self defense, and it can be proven, there shouldn’t be a penalty.
But imho, nobody should be allowed to commit cold blooded murder (revenge killing) even if it is legal.

I do have an opinion - He was obviously very ill when these crimes were committed - its all documented.

He belongs to be in a Hospital for a very long time, if not for life.

Sick people belong in Hospitals not prison


I am not sure about life but think that anyone deciding on a possible release into the community should err on the side of caution , and if release into the community is sanctioned it should be under strict supervision and need to comply with treatment.


I agree with this

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I don’t know why people grant a person with mental illness a free pass when it comes to an obviously thoroughly well-planned, methodical execution of 12 people and injuring 70 others. The man deserves the death penalty without question.

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Are we saying that for him to have been truly mentally ill/delusional it would have had to have been a spur of the moment action sans planning ? Does paranoia really work that way and only that way?

Please. The excuse-making here is sickening. I think we’re forgetting the horror and planning this man went through. No one has PROVEN any paranoia yet. That’s what the defense is arguing for. Betcha dollars to donuts the jury doesn’t fall for that trap. This man deserves the worst the law has to mete out.

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There but for the Grace of God go I.


Huh? How does this have any bearing on the discussion?

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He was obviously psychotic when committing these acts - this is no free pass, just the truth.

Like I said before he belongs to be in a Hospital - he needs to be properly treated.

What happened was tragic - no doubt about it

I see no reason why this bag of $hit should earn anything more than what he deprived 12 people of. I think a lot of this discussion is projecting people’s feelings onto a deranged murderer.

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Death penalty… no … multiple life sentences either in a psych wing of a prison or somewhere.

It’s pretty ■■■■■■ up. Who knows what its like inside the guys mind, but to end his life… well it maintains a system which inevitably kills innocent people. That’s one of the highest crimes.

I don’t think this guy is innocent of anything by ANY stretch of the imagination. I think I am becoming unpopular on this thread, but I’ve experienced first-hand the failings of a criminal justice system, and I think this whole thread is loaded with bull■■■■.

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Well in this case it is quite clear the guy is dangerous and did commit the crime. False conviction is a real thing though. I’ll just say I don’t support the death penalty.

I do think we need a more permanent place for people like this though. Prison sentences can be served. I’m talking about a removal from society.

Are we so afraid/reluctant to acknowledge that violence can occur with psychosis(albeit in a small percentage of cases) that we would rather see people as evil than accept violence can occur with psychosis, and that those with such tendencies need help and treatment?

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Years long violent or murderous intentions/thoughts go beyond psychosis. In most cases people are temporarily violent out of confusion, fear, anger, submitting to the commands of voices. Things which can be solved through therapy.

This man seemed to have the lust for death. I couldn’t find much about his mental condition so I can’t really say if it could be deemed a psychosis.

The fact that this person is standing trial is pretty solid grounds that he was not psychotic at the time. The jury will not fall for that, I will bet on that. He carried this out with malicious forethought. He was too methodical and in-touch with reality to be excused. The fact that you think this guy should be excused, @firemonkey, says a lot about your character I think. Either that or you have no idea what the word “psychosis” means.

Unless we acknowledge that violence can occur as a result of psychosis then chances of tackling the issue will be greatly reduced.

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violence also occurs outside of psychosis.

Really this guy was probably to smart for his own good and he wanted to let the world know that.

It’s not to hard to imagine that all the ingrained tendencies we have in our ancestry a truly murderous person crops up.

Looks like a weakling though. Send him to the most violent prison weve got. Let him see what the others who are murderous are like.