Eddie Ray Routh

Chris Kyle’s murderer, Eddie Ray Routh, they’re now saying is schizophrenic. I find it unfortunate that this could be the case, furthering the idea that schizophrenics are, in fact, violent. What do you all have to say about this mess?

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I think they will say anything to Keep him out of prison. They fry murderers crispy in Texas but no death penalty in this case.

I have not seen yet much to suggest sz. More like PT stress mixed with alcohol and weed loser. Don’t mix that with guns.

I think you can be mentally Ill and make a decision to murder. It’s rare to have proof that you are really that out if it. So they only decision is prison or hospital. Too bad he wasn’t helped earlier.

What do others think?

I don’t know about this case, but I have read that schizophrenics are not more or less violent than the rest population, we are the same! Some of us are more violent, some others less, some not at all.

As redrose said, anyone under stress can snap. It just so happens this guy has schizophrenia.

I don’t believe that there is one single definition of schizophrenia anyway as it affects people in different ways.

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That would be my worst fear that I would snap and harm someone but everyone has fears
I just couldn’t live with myself

Schizophrenic kills American hero, great.

It is tragic for many reasons, of course.

As far as whether it increases the stigma against schizophrenics, I would say it reinforces the stigma, but the stigma was already there.

I guess President Reagan’s attempted assassination caused changes in laws. I don’t know whether this will. One thing to note is that the prosecutors are indicating that the accused was also on a cocktail of illegal drugs, and that caused his behavior and psychosis more than any underlying disease.

This may be important to watch. Thank you for posting this question.

He was diagnosed with psychotic disorder - depression with psychotic features etc…
I dont know but it seems to me that playing around with guns attracts - the violent, the troubled, the paranoid, the insecure etc… It cant be a good thing.
Again this is my opinion, but playing with dangerous weapons just adds up to trouble - attracts negativity.
No, I am not a bleeding heart liberal - just common sense