What should happen to James Holmes?

I’m not disputing that people cannot be violent and psychotic at the same time. I’m saying that in THIS case, it is not the case. Reading comprehension fail.

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I can get behind this. I don’t think this guy deserves ANY kind of luxuries in his treatment. The fact that he was a neuro student opens the door to the possibility that the insanity plea was just a bunch of crap anyway.

Yeah he probably did know enough about disorders to put on an act of some kind.

anyways it’s kind of outside of our hands.

I think it’s a healthy discussion to have. There is a reason “not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect” is on a steep decline - it is VERY often not the case, and people are trying to hind behind a facade.

When have I or @Wave said he should be excused? We. haven’t. We are not saying he should get a free pass. As for questioning my character over this issue that only points to a problem with you- not me.

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What does institutionalizing him in a hospital mean then? There is always the chance that he is “rehabilitated” and is released. It’s on the cusp of happening with John Hinckley right now. This is such utter crap I can’t believe I have invested my time in this frivolous discussion. Tthe argument that he deserves some sort of leniency is personally offensive. What experience do you have with a mentally ill person being let off the hook? It has happened to me personally, and not only did it jeopardize my safety, it ended in a death.