What sea do we actual swim in boys and girls and liminully born


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I was hurled into a dark sea. It’s creepy down there and i can’t get out.

Not a shaman but it’s interrelated. Id be the kid that they was rubbing eggs on in paranormal activity: the marked ones. She went to visit a shaman in that one i thinks.

The other day i was buying some eggs actually. They started talking about why they hated them, because a bunch of suffering dying things come out of them. So im standing in line buying them and some dude is in my head going “you get rid of all the eggs and no one has to die anymore, it’s great.”

So later they admitted to lying about it. They just hate this place for arbitrary reasons and they are in a fight with the egg loving producers of death and pain. So it’s evil verses evil here.

Some areshole that hates eggs because it’s not as great as himself, nice, and he is fighting with the cruel idiots that are cool with this horrible place of pain and death. Like a bunch of psychopaths goin at it over dumb ■■■■.

I hate the eggs to but not for those reasons man. We are differing in very important areas me and them. It’s all arbitrary with them, it’s just made up stuff that isn’t relevant to anything.

That was the fight in that stupid movie, it’s ■■■■■■■ stupid. Shaman gave the egg to that woman to rub on the dudes third eye. Not that the egg is good though, just some dying and suffering rotting thing coming out of those. Bad verses bad! Who will win!?

I hope you win, or at least are able to sneak away in the confusion.