Happy easter!

Eggs are only good in a pan.


This is so cheerful of you, I’m amazed.

You’ll have to excuse my sour attitude.

Im a torture victim.

It’s not great for parties to say the least.

Did you know when you get tortured everyone hates you after that?

Yes I experienced the same thing, people don’t like to see others down, it upsets them. It upsets me too.

But happy easter to you.

Happy easter pans!

Thats dumb.

“I don’t like it when you are down so go away.” The human being states as his lungs rot.

An entire planet of pleasure seeking fools we are, i used to be the same way though. Even torments and death in people’s lives weren’t getting in the way of my good time.

And then the volcanoe explodes again.

Oh, you’re back to normal. I was getting worried. :slight_smile:
You’re right, it is dumb.
Alright pans, have a great day.

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