What scares me about sz

Hi all!

So you guys know I’ve been diagnosed for a year now. What I’m starting to learn is that no 2 days are ever the same. One day could be sort of ok, you think your doing better and the next day will be complete chaos.

I don’t like my mind being in this whirlwind. You never know what to expect from this illness from day to day. It’s treacherous to say the least.

For example people think because you have a car you can drive everyday. Ugh no some days I’m in such a fog I can’t leave the bedroom and they can’t exactly see what’s wrong bc we appear ok.

Sorry hating on sz tonight I guess.


well, yeah.
it goes for everybody.

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you really need a significant other to know this.
do you?

I’m alone 24/7. Everyday I feel different it’s scary.

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I’m not scared by me and phil ups and downs, weird things thru the head or seeming odd.
would you really like to prove this is sz., and how?

Wow!!! Guess what? It gets even worse! I’ve battled this illness for 16 years! It’s like every time I think I’m ok something awful happens…
It’s a royal b!tch getting high and come crashing down all the time
You just can’t win


don’t know your age, but that’s pretty obvious by now.
maybe not the forum, but the homepage.

Let’s be civil and supportive people. Someone is looking for some sympathy which isn’t a bad thing. Please be respectful of others.

You sound like your doing pretty good for just one year you just have to remember that things always change i personally didnt start getting better for 3 years Im now on my 4th year and Im doing way way better than the first 3 years

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You gotta roll with the punches and not let the bad days cloud your good ones

Yeah it’s a bout surfing for me. You ride out the bad times and revel in the good. It does get easier and for me I’ve always been pretty proactive when it comes to meds and dosages. I try always for better function.

What on earth are you on about? Your playing up and it’s innapproriate and weed to get high is taken just the same as alcohol.

sorry. I got the wrong post. made a mistake.

That’s strange. I got flagged for stating an obvious observation and statistic.

It’s sexist and inappropriate. Lots of lonely sz people who are female and what you are suggesting isn’t always the case. What is obvious to you is different to many others. Don’t go on with it is a warning.

True. I said majority. Not all.

It does get better. I’ve had schizophrenia for 42 years, since I was 19. The first 2 1/2 years were hell, then it slowly started getting better and I stabilized. I started having a life. Some crap happened and I relapsed when I was 29. Once I started pulling out of the relapse things got pretty good and I got a job, went to school and started having fun. I had some good years in my thirties. Things kind of evened out and I lived on my own and had many ups and downs.

Now I’m 61. For the last several years I’ve been spending time by myself trying to figure myself out. I could have made a few friends but I chose to be alone. Now I isolate but I’m ready too take care of that problem. I understand how you feel. On my bad days, everything looks negative and even meaningless. But inevitably, I’ll have good days like today and life doesn’t look so bad. My days change too but I just put one foot in front of the other and keep trudging along and good things happen along with the bad. It took me years to start having good days. You just have to go through all the crap and keep plugging away and eventually things change and get better.

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Been 10 years for me and I’m only now recovering. Recovery is a roller coaster from my experience. You can be doing totally fine and then get dragged deep into psychosis. I honestly just distract myself a lot so my mind doesn’t run wild. There are times to be in reality, but it helps to keep your mind occupied with something.

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yeah. Distract. it’s key.

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