I felt completely normal for about 20 minutes yesterday. Still a bit shaken by it

I felt like I was as a teenager. Before this all started. It lasted about 20 minutes then the feeling collapsed.

It made me question everything about the disease and has screwed me up a bit.


I think its just memories of the past. I get that sometimes wanting to restart my life.


No, it was nothing to do with memories. I was in complete remission. For 20 minutes.

It’s messed me up.


Maybe you will feel like this more often.
Enjoy it while you can.


That’s good then, I have moments where I forget my sz but I wouldn’t say I was cured/symptom free.

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I would look at it is as a sign. Figure out if there is anything you have been doing different recently. New meds? Are you excersising more? Are you eating certain foods or drinks that you don’t usually eat? It is possible you have stumbled onto something that is good for you either if it’s behaviour or something to do with meds or things you ingest.

Hope you get to feel it more often though. Don’t be scared :relaxed:


I’ve been doing nothing differently. I’ve tried to get the feeling back but no success.

I’m trying not to get obsessed about it now.

But yeah. Feeling screwed up over it.

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I can understand why that would shake you. Symptoms for so long and the an absence.

Sorry dude.

I’ve heard from a few of the veterans that symptoms can start to remiss in the late 40s to early 50s. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s something I hope for.

Wishing you well.

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It’s a good thing to celebrate. I would reflect over it.


wow that’s weird huh =O
I can imagine how that would shake you up.


I’m sorry it’s messing with your head. But I really hope it keeps happening. That must have felt amazing!


This still has me screwed up, days later.

I’ve given up on the idea of recovery for now.

This has been a body blow.

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It might mean nothing and never happen again. Just like a fluke or something. I mean weirder stuff than that happens in life, right?
How many years have you had schizophrenia?
10 years? 15 years? More? I wouldn’t base my life on a 20 minute incident. I wouldn’t base my life with schizophrenia on a 20 minute incident.

I remember back in 1989. I was going through a hellish relapse. I was just in and out of psyche wards and really miserable. Every day was torture. One day I was laying on the lawn in the back yard and all of a sudden a peaceful feeling came over me. I felt good. I was unemployed at the time and I felt so good I walked 20 minutes to the strip mall and put in two job applications at the local supermarket and another store I can’t recall right now.

I walked home. The next day I walked back to the grocery store to talk to the manager. I wasn’t as enthusiastic as the day before and I didn’t get the job and all my symptoms came right back. Life went on and my relapse didn’t get better for a few more months. That feeling never happened again.

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Don’t give up! Your body/mind has the capability or capacity to be as back to normal health as possible, take it with happiness. You got this hopeful!


I think the universe is evolving and we will all one day realize that it’s a gift to be crazy


That has happened to me before too it was weird


I’ve had that feeling before, thats when I thought I’d be cured. but then it passes by.

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