Dealing with Life with SZ - To the more experienced Sz patients and family members

Please tell me it gets better with time…Ive had this for almost two years now…and it just seems to get worse.

I was doing so good, last time i was in the hospital i found medicine that actually worked, and for the last few months or so ive been feeling a lot better. But yesterday after i left my pdocs it was like i completely relapsed. Im going on 24 hours with no sleep and i dont see it happening any time soon. I dont even know what triggered it or why it happened.

I cant believe that there is no way out of this…there has to be something to make the paranoia and hallucinations stop. I have no idea how anyone is supposed to live a normal, or even full life with this god forsaken illness. I just want it to all go away so much.

I don’t want to sound trite… but it does get better.

Yes… I have glitch days. I am med compliant… I do go to my doc… I do go to my therapy… but somedays… something is off and :boom: :boom: I’m not doing well… my voices are amping up… my racing thoughts are back… my energy is swinging like a pendulum.

But I call my doc, I write it down, I take care of myself, avoid stress… find some coping skills and don’t beat myself up over a glitch. That way a bad day doesn’t become a bad week.

Did your doc give you a different med… or different strength med? med changes are usually what does it… for me… I needed a med readjustment recently.

I’d say, let people know what is happening and the fact that you can’t sleep and call the doc.

Good luck… I’m rooting for you… I hope you feel better.


so sorry ur feeling bad hunni. it does get better. i’ve been like this for almost 14 years now and i’ve learned to cope with it. you learn by experience and once you’ve lived with it for a few years, it’s impact isn’t so great, i promise. i still have voices and intrusive thoughts no matter what med i’m on but i’ve learned to cope over the years and you will too. you may just need a med adjustment so don’t lose heart. xxx


Breakthrough symptoms can happen to anyone. Stress can be a big factor in symptoms returning during a period of stability. You’ve been doing great and you can continue. A rise in symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a full blown relapse. Keep monitoring your condition and talk to your doc.

For me, it does get better with time and compliance. I’m at the most stable I’ve ever been right now. Each year gets a little easier I think. I’m far from “cured” but I’m doing well.


Thanks for the quick posts, i feel a little more reassured. Maybe i just need to get some sleep and hope when i wake up ill be a little better.

@SurprisedJ We actually made a point not to change my meds because im moving back to florida in a couple weeks and he didnt want to change anything…maybe the upcoming move is what is stressing me out, florida is where this all started.

@Malvok @jaynebeal Hopefully i can learn some better coping mechanisms…just feels like im at a breaking point already and i still have a full lifetime ahead of me.

Thank you for your posts.

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I’d say that is a huge thing. Your packing your whole life and moving. It’s big. I too try to avoid places where I was at my worst. Some parks I can’t avoid… I work for parks. But I find some areas of my city will trigger me a bit. I’m getting better with therapy.

If you have some one to talk to… I’d say let it out. Of course… let it out on here… we’ll listen.

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Thats why i like this website…my parents try to pretend like sz isnt even real…and i dont really have any friends. Here i feel like im not alone and im not the only one going through this.

Thanks for listening


Looking at my post, which is 100% accurate, I get the feeling like I should mention that only six years ago I was locked for four months inside a psychiatric hospital. I don’t want to give the impression that I have a really long time of stability under my belt. While I’ve been mentally ill for almost thirty years, it’s been only really the past fourteen or so where I started becoming stable, and only the last six that I’ve been hospital free.


I have had SZ for eleven years. My first three years were the worst, then two years after that I went into remission and was med-free for five years and coping fine. Then I relapsed and had to go back on meds. That was two years ago. In the first three years I was worse, and was hospitalised four times, in the last two years I was only hospitalised twice. I found now since the relapse that I am coping a little better, because I gained knowledge about my illness and got married, so my husband keeps me in check and gives me a purpose to live. As others said - it does get better, because with experience, you learn about your symptoms and how to deal with them. Its also important to learn how to deal with stress, because stress cam aggravate symptoms.


In 50 years for me, it hasn’t gotten a lot better. But I’ve gotten better. Yes, I always take my medication.

Some of my symptoms are more under control. I’m functioning pretty much on my own, with help… But the debilitating dis-ease is still there.

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Its stressful for anyone to move - so the stress of thinking and preparing to move could be why your symptoms are back. Learn to tell the signs of stress - like poorer sleep, inability to focus, feeling on-edge, … and talk to your doctor about these things that are or could be stressing you. Sometimes people increase their medications a bit when they are experiencing stress.


From my experience, the more you accept it and let go of anger and regrets etc, it gets better. Of course there are always going to be advances and setbacks. Guess the trick is to try to make plans in advance to deal with setbacks.

And there is no way out of it as you mentioned…you may need to redefine your expectations in life and tailor your future knowing you’ll always need to work harder than most people to have an enjoyable life.

Or grow like a vine would grow, maybe - not a tree. I have seen some wonderful vines.


Getting enough sleep is important to EVERYBODY. And I will agree with several other posters when they say it gets better with time. I’ve had paranoid schizophrenia for 34 years now. It’s always worst in the beginning.It’s more intense, relentless, and constant in the beginning. When I was diagnosed at age 19 nothing could help me for two years.I had symptoms that did not let up. It was constant suffering. I really hate to say it but it was true. There’s no guarantee that anyone won’t relapse but you can sure reduce the possibility by taking your medication faithfully and as prescribed. Now at age 53 I still have symptoms but they are pretty much under control. I don’t suffer anymore.
Now I work part-time (actually for the last 30 years), I drive my own car, i take college classes online, and I live on my own. I take care of all my own business including managing my own money, shopping for food and clothes, I manage my bills, take care of my cat, keep my house clean, etc. But in the BEGINNING my case was SEVERE. When I was 19 and 20 I spent a year in a group home mostly sitting by myself in the back yard fighting to keep my sanity. I had no money, no friends, no girlfriend, no car, no school, no job, no sanity. I had nothing. But now I live a fairly normal life.
I have no tricks to tell you how to make it better. In my own case I just simply endured. I went through the hell and came out the other end. You can to. My advice to anyone with schizophrenia is to take your medication and stay away from drugs.I went down that path and got addicted to crack. Luckily after smoking it heavily for four years in my late twenties I got clean in 1990. Most people show some improvement with time.


[quote=“pob, post:14, topic:9226, full:true”]
Or grow like a vine would grow, maybe - not a tree. I have seen some wonderful vines.
[/quote] My psychologist once said to me, “If you can’t grow up, grow sideways.” I didn’t need him to repeat it. Hearing it once, it made perfect sense to me.


Things were bad for me at first, but have steadily been improving over time. Answered this in more detail in another thread

Getting late here and I have to hit the sack as I’m photographing a large wedding tomorrow. Income is income is income. If there are any questions you’d like me to answer, I’d be happy to.



Just an update…i just slept for like 19 hours strait and i feel a whole lot better than i did.

thanks for the posts everyone!


“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” - Mark Twain