When were you diagnosed and how long have you had sz? How are you now?

When were you diagnosed? How long have you had sz and how are doing now?


For me, I was diagnosed with sz at age 24 and that was 15 years ago.

I am finally doing better this last year or two. I have a calm and as normal as can be expected and kinda boring (in a good way!) life. This is so much better! I still get symptoms, but I cope. I have to take a lot of medications and go to therapy weekly but it is worth the work.


I was diagnosed right after my 22nd birthday.

I am now 29…

So I’ve had SZ for a little over 7 years.

I was a zombie at first, but I am doing pretty decent now.

I got married, I have a daughter, I have some hobbies, I go to Tai Chi classes and I’ve had several jobs since my diagnosis… just haven’t been able to keep any of them :confused:


I had my first psychosis at 24 but they only started mentioning sz 10 years in. Now at 36 I’m considering doing a Masters, am on disability, take 4 meds, tapering my benzo, considering going on injections, live independently,…

Most days I’m okay listening to music.


At 21-22 was dxd its been 13 years now

I have taken multiple meds, Aripriprazole sticks and doing well.


I went through a period of 2 years of having pyschosis when i was 27 to 29. I was diagnosed then but didnt believe it or want to admit it was real. So i ran. I was on a ton of meds, including 2 APs, so my symptoms were rather managed. I found a new p.doc and didnt tell her about my history or who my last p.doc was or where i was hospitalized repeatedly. I told her my major depressive disorder was so severe it needed 2 APs. And i kinda kept that up for several years. I had symptoms but i wouldnt tell anyone. Then 3 years ago, age 35, it got bad again. I opened up to my husband and he gave me the courage to tell my p.doc. i went to several residential treatment centers and was officially diagnosed (again). Over the past 3 years ive had my ups and downs. I did 6 months of ECT last year and that really messed me up. It has a been a weird 12 months.

I was diagnosed in 1980 at age 19. So I’ve had it 43 years. I’m doing OK, things could be worse. Symptoms aren’t too bad. I could be doing a lot more in life’s activities than I’m doing now. I go to my job and my doctor appointments and run errands and go out to eat or take walks or occasionally go to plays or other things with my sister. I’m trying to add some activities to my repertoire.

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So I had my first true psychotic break back in 2013 when I was 21, I was hospitalized for it and diagnosed as psychotic depression because I was extremely depressed also, I honestly don’t remember what else happened that year. Then in 2015 I was hospitalized for psychosis and they diagnosed me as psychotic disorder nos. Then I mostly had severe ocd issues for a long time and went through treatment for that and was put on seroquel, didn’t have much psychotic stuff besides some hallucinations, they thought it was ptsd, then in 2018 I was full blown psychotic again and started seeing a psychiatrist again and eventually was diagnosed with schizoaffective. Every time I meet someone new they don’t believe the sza diagnosis, but over time they all say they see it now, lol.

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I was diagnosed in 2017 at age 27.
Now I’m 33

Oh gawd, I don’t know if I have the energy to type all of this again.


I was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis in 2015 when I was 25. A few years later it changed to schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. It took a few years after 2015 to find the right meds. I’ve been doing good since March.

I had my first break and diagnosis at 23. I am 43 now. So 20 years with this. I am content and happy. I am at peace. The meds make me weaker but I guess I have no choice.


Age 23. I’ve had SZ my whole life; it didn’t become a problem until I reached adulthood and tried the job market. I’m doing well. I always have SZ symptoms but I manage.

Sought treatment and got diagnosed with psychosis when I was 28 I have a diagnoses of chronic schizophrenia and am 42 now.

I live independently and got discharged from the mental health team years ago. Any problems I just go to my doctor.


I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 20/21 years old.
I was placed on the hard hitting typical AP Navane.
Turned me into a Zombie!

I’m 58 years old now, going to turn 59 in a few more days.

I’m in a better place now mentally, thanks to the drugs Risperdal, Depakote and Lamictal.


I was diagnosed when i was 21. I am 40 now so ive lived with it along time. These days i am stable and very well generally speaking. My worst years were in my 20’s trying to get well.


Diagnosed with schizophrenia at 39. 53 now. Stable for the last 10 years.

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50 now . Diagnosed age 18. Age 19 to 27 able to work full time
Been up and down throughout the years


I was 30 when I was first diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after being diagnosed with psychotic depression psychosis nos and severe depression so since 2016 I’m OK came off the depo again 2 weeks ago I hate zuclopenthixol so I’m depressed without an antidepressant but I’m OK still working x

Got diagnosed 3 months ago and I still do not belive it, but I am on depot injection and other 3 meds. I feel how my energy drains out every day, week and my walks are so much shorter.

I do not know how you all managed it for such a long time, it is impressive, but for me it is very very scary.

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