What’s your EQ?

Mine is clearly below avg

i don’t know what my EQ is… how do they test that?

Idk lol :152525)

How are you anyway

i’m doing well… i watched a movie today and now i’m gonna listen music and browse the forum. I just ate leftover chinese din dins… that was tasty =).

how are you doing?

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I’m bored af and want to take the damn test

80% (16/20)

I took this test: Emotional Intelligence Quiz | Greater Good

I think it’s a dumb test though… They are actors, so they aren’t actually feeling these emotions. For one that I got wrong, I tapped “politeness” and that’s probably true for many of these because they are actors being told what to do…

Like very low. Child like.

Having a high IQ has no value isolated. I don’t know my IQ now. I tested myself twice before and got 129 and 111. I don’t care much to know what it is now. It doesen’t matter to me.

My goal is to live a happy life and the only requirement is to know how to be joyfull and what it takes to get in such a state of mind.

I’d say mine is pretty high. Not perfect but good. It comes from years of needing to judge someone’s mood for fear of being hurt.

Now I am learning to set up emotional boundaries (I tend to take on negative emotions from others) and use the skill of empathy to my advantage. It’s like a little bit of insight into how other people see the world.

It can be dangerous though because it is easy to make excuses for other people’s poor behavior when you can empathize with them. I am also learning to not let people walk all over me. It’s a tough thing to learn.

Doesn’t help that I generally lose my EQ when psychosis is severe or if I am having a panic attack.

Sometimes I wish I was oblivious to others’ emotions or that I was better equipped to not let them affect me so deeply.


@lekkerhondje how are you

hey there =)
i’m doing good… watched a movie today and got one of the 2 records i ordered, listening to that record now.
We ate spagh and now i’m browsing the forum.

How are you?

I’m really bored…

that sucks =/
what are your hobbies?

Doing IQ tests and math lol

hehehe… doing IQ tests, that’s kinda funny =D

You can do an IMBTI test if you’re bored, it’s a fun test that gives you an in-deptj description of what your personality is likely to be like based on your answers

I’ve took that and got INTJ

I got infp - turbulent mediator

I’m an INFJ. 151515