What is your IQ?

Mine’s been tested twice.
First time 90 (when I was 5) second time 120-129 (at age 14)

I want to know my real IQ ngl

When I was in 3rd grade, it was 122. When I was in college it was 135. 7 years ago, I took one to get in Mensa, it was 129. A stalker was harassing me and I was hurrying.

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my IQ is 9000…


I had never had an IQ test, not that I remember anyway, until College. A buddy wanted me to take it to compare to his IQ, knowing him being a snotty brat he assumed he was smarter than me.

I got 138, he got 134. He still whines about it LOL


They tested mine in elementary school. I have my school records and it say 119. It would have been higher but my verbal skills weren’t that great.

I have a near photographic memory. On a scale of 1-10 for the memory tests I got a perfect score. The psychologist noted she never saw anyone get a 10.

After years of taking Valium my memory is deteriorating. It’s still good just not anywhere close to what it was.

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Bart cheats on his IQ test.


Smarter than a rock.

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Several PhDs on the list.

my iq was tested with my autism testing and it was 87

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Hey how are you

hey i’m doing pretty good. i ordered 2 new records and they should have arrived today but i got mail that they are delayed till the 10th of march so i’m waiting =D

I watched “saving private ryan” with my dad and now i’m listening music and browsing the forum.

how are you?

I’m bored as always

I get to go to the foster home for this weekend lol

ah nice that you get to go to the foster home! that will be a bit of a break huh… i hope you will have nice time at the foster home.

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I care more about real life functioning than IQ.
IQ does not measure real life functioning and life quality.


IQ is not an indicator of how well someone is functioning.

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@Aziz @Wave That’s certainly true if you’re on the autism spectrum. The trouble is there’s not much help once you’re past childhood. If you’re late diagnosed with a previous mental health dx, It’s often unsympathetic treatment pre dx, and chucked off the books once dxed. I’ve had the former, but not the latter.


If you the cleverest one in the room.

You in the wrong room

Thats why i love it here cause im so dumb and everyone is in the genius range !


Seems to be a common thread/theme on this website every couple of days lol. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter since I cannot do anything anymore.

I would say 120 based on my life experiences, which seems both high and low. I think math majors average 130 and I failed as a math major at a top school while dealing with schizophrenia so maybe that’s true. Stuff I rather not talk about. My IQ fluctuates and I always felt IQ or at least mine was fluid and has changed throughout my life. Google even did talks about fluid intelligence.

I had one psychiatrist who said mine was 110 based on my vocabulary and interactions while others have said I was gifted and agreed that I was probably not a genius but gifted at least. I might have Asperger’s too.

I find it difficult to brush teeth, change clothes, work, get a girlfriend, make money, go to school, cook, and do basic things around the house. IQ is meaningless in that area. I score below average.

I used to do these things flawlessly before schizophrenia. Even used to lift weights at the gym and do cardio.

I don’t know.


All i have discovered in my dumb life is,

Be the stupid one who hangs around with the cleverest people ,Keep telling them how clever they are and they will literally reward you with an easy life. Ego trumps IQ ten fold.


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Has anyone took WAIS?