What’s your earliest memory and what age

I was 6. I was throwing a tantrum over a 98 on a spelling test because I firmly believed I was sabotaged, since I had gotten 100s every time prior. There was a letter e on the end of a word where it shouldn’t have been, and I tried to convince my teacher the “e” wasn’t mine. Had to be sent to the school counselor because I was inconsolable and had to lie my mom was just pressuring me too much so I would be let go.

I was six months old.
I felt a pop in my ear (As I was in bed and had had a very painful ,(been told) ear infection)
I pushed myself up to sit seeing blood and puss on the pillow… because it didn’t hurt any more I assume I knew I was going to be alright from then on

My earliest memory is of being in the hospital for eye surgery, at the age of three, and getting an injection with a hypodermic syringe by a nurse. I remember screaming bloody murder.

Back when I was a toddler, I remember going to the front door with Grandma to see who was there. It was a man carrying a Coleman propane lantern. I was fascinated by the lantern. I didn’t know how old I was until I was four years old.

I was around 2 and stripped off my diaper, toddler through the living room pooping. My grandma ran into the room with a red Dixie cup to scoop the poop.

My mom never believed that I could remember stuff from then but I would recount events and surprise her.

sometimes I wonder if some posters on here want to be the most sick of everyone

I don’t think this thread was supposed be about hallucinations or any other symptoms

I knew I shouldn’t have said anything

You can’t control what other people’s earliest memories are. If you don’t like something, learn to just ignore it. Make use of the muting feature if you have to. If something breaks the rules, flag it for us, and you know we will respond. We always have. It won’t be immediate, because we all have full-time jobs/school and we only volunteer, but we will respond, usually within an hour. I really want to see you succeed here, but fighting and insulting is against the rules and I have to step in when you do that. I know you have a very defined sense of justice and of right and wrong, but make use of the proper channels.

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