What’s your earliest memory and what age

Mine is when I was 2 I ran across the room and slipped, hit my chin on the corner of a glass table. Don’t remember anything after that. But I Had to get a bunch a stitches. Well you can see the scar through my beard in my other thread…the other scar I was 19 and I fell off my bike. Why I was on a bike don’t ask. I owned a car at this point.

But anyways I learned that your earliest memory could be your families memory from family stories rather than your own. But I thought I remembered it. Not sure though.


Of being in a park and seeing a climbing frame

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I think mine was 4. A jack Russell jumped up and bit me on the chin haha.

It sucked then though, I remember crying.

Anything before that age I cant remember

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What’s a climbing frame??? And what age

I also have the memory when I was young I saw a lion out the window early in the morning. A big huge female lion sitting on my lawn. Only I was awake in my family. And once I saw another big cat during day but I think it was a bobcat. I wonder what the truth about the lion memory is. ??

I was about 2. We use the term climbing frame to mean like metal poles and stuff kids can climb up on in parks

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I think my second earliest memory was we were in cape cod out on a long walk and my mom has no money on her and a dog ate my toast out of my hand lol. And I was hungry. I was like 3 in this one. Funny!!! Lol!!

I was 4 when my mom came home from the hospital after weeks

and I was at my grandparents house on Arlington

I went to hug my mom, but she was in a body cast, and I pulled away

startled. That just wasn’t my mother. Then I was scolded by my grandmother. I guess nobody had really prepared me for that.

I remember making a dam out of mud in the creek behind my house. Its nothing deep but I was happy. This makes me really miss Tennessee.

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I used to dig In the backyard too it was my favorite activity ata young age.

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I remember when I was 3 years old it was night time one day and my mom was taking me to see the kindergarten I was gonna be put in the next day. Some other kid was playing with a toy car, running it on the windows of one of the rooms there and I could see it from the outside

I remember vividly hallucinating a cowboy at the age of 4 every night, that’s as far back as it goes for me

I was 2. I put my little penguin in the fridge and my das found it and asked me why it was in there. I said “he was hot”, in German of course lol. Still got that penguin. Think I might do it again to mess with my dad :sweat_smile:


I was 6 in Disneyland. My parents took me there because I loved Disney

Sorry to be this guy.

Maybe 2-3 years old, saw my biological father beat my mother, and then fleeing the house.


Edit: Mistyped

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2-3 years old. A few memories of that age. For example jumping on the couch when it was standing outside to be taken with garbage - such joy!

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First day of preschool, it felt eerie being around all the other kids. Then when I decided to play blocks with the other kids, the one girl said she had enough friends, and that I didn’t belong. Lol. Age 3


You just brought back some other early memories…from pre school…thanks.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Sorry in advance

Oh it’s neutral and good I should have specified. All good!!

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Okay 151515q515