What’s your earliest memory and what age

I was 3 years old. I had woken up in the middle of the night and was sitting in bed. Then I heard voices and banging sounds coming from my fan (which was turned off). It sounded like there were men in there fixing it so I assumed that was the case even though I was confused they were over so late. Then I noticed the characters in the paintings on my wall started moving and talking with each other. I was mesmerized. My Winnie the Pooh painting was still frozen so I concentrated on it and then it came to life too. My stuffed animals were swelling like they were breathing.

I was sleepy then and wanted to go back to bed, but my room was too noisy with all the talking paintings and the men in my fan. So I went into my closet. The wood swirls on the door formed a movie of a woman going down an elevator. I watched it until I fell asleep.

That was my first memory.

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At 2 I remember sitting on my grandpa’s lap and then a few days later he died.
At 3 I remember going to Disney world. I was scared of peppi la pew.

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I was 3 and getting what I think was my first professional haircut. I was crying because I thought it was going to hurt.

Anna, now why would you be hallucinating at age 3

I think this is an exaggerated depiction of what your experience was

likely you just wanted to be strange for life.

I had child onset psychosis I’ve said that before on here a ton of times. How would you feel if I called your experiences exaggerated.

And actually childhood hallucinations are not uncommon even among those without psychosis, take a look at the book hallucinations by Oliver sacks, he talks about them.

If you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all.


well, kids are kids, no further diagnosis there

teens are teens, doesn’t mean they’re mental cases.

No I won’t read his book. Your post seemed to stand out as being off.

I believe you Anna, I had psychosis in my teens, had to be put in a group home with other sick teens, it’s a very real experience


Your beliefs don’t change my experience so think whatever you want. I know you think children and teens don’t experience mental illness ever despite that being blatantly false but clearly nothing is going to change your mind on the matter.

so you believe you were born with psychosis, and didn’t develop in late teens or into your 20’s. Well, check out the studies on that.

I had my first major episode in my late teens and had lesser symptoms of it before then. Despite statistically it being more common for people to develop it when older that doesn’t mean there are no children or younger adolescents with mental illness. One famous example is jani schofield. Childhood onset psychosis exists. It is of lesser prevalence than normal onset but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen just because you don’t believe in it.


Im really tired of you always trying to discount my experiences. I don’t know why you pick on me. Please stop commenting on my posts if you don’t like them.

fine. I commented on this post. Completely normal. Everything on this site doesn’t need to be mental. Do you know that?

I remember things before my birth
I remember watching my mother and my father walking together

I remember being in a pub as a toddler, and being given a Ghostbusters helicopter by my dad, and that was the last time I saw him.

I know this memory is real, but I don’t talk about it to anyone.

Not sure why I remember this one. Maybe because he was gone afterwards.


That sucks. I’ve never even met my biological dad, but he obviously wasn’t down to raise me because he just left.

Sorry to hear that. It really sucks, but as you say, if they just leave that says a lot.

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1980 is the first year I can remember. I was four. I can remember a lot of things like being in preschool.

I apologize, @Anna, but you need to realize how it seems to most people, or maybe not everyone, but how it seems to me.

A toddler hallucinating? What are you dreaming up?

@Daze there are cases of psychosis developing in young children. Please stop picking fights.

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1 or 2 i remember hearing my parents talking and i didnt understand english at that time but figured out a way to feel what they were speaking… there is some other stuff at that moment im leaving out